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Tips to Achieve Those New Year's Resolutions

Brought to you by Nate Boyd, The Gym

Nate Boyd

It's the end of January, have you given up on those resolutions yet? If it was

losing weight, increasing your deadlift weight or just being able to stomp up the stairs without puffing, maintaining our resolutions is hard. Here

are some tips to guarantee success.

Schedule your workouts. If it is written on your calendar and you have set time aside to go to the gym it is so much easier to keep that commitment to


Stop doing workouts you hate. Life is too short to punish yourself with your fitness plan. Find something you like and you will do it with joy and

look forward to it. There are so many options, no one should be

miserable working out.

Write it and measure it. Resolutions should be both specific and measurable. In fact, a recent study found that setting broad, vague, goals can make people

depressed. Writing down your goals is not only a great way to

accomplish them, but your list can also help you figure out the

exact steps needed to get there.

Break up the goal. Give yourself several small resolutions throughout the

year. For instance, instead of aiming to add 80 pounds to your bench press in a year, aim to add just over six pounds per month.

Treat yourself. Choose a reward that won't undo your hard work: a weekend

getaway, a beach day, a manipedi, a massage (they're good

for you), some new fitness swag, or a movie date.

At the Gym we can help you achieve those resolutions.

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