Police activity in Forest Grove and Banks

Forest Grove

Aug. 25

n Police checked on a young couple reportedly sleeping in the middle of the baseball field near Thatcher Park with their luggage. Officers learned the couple lived nearby and had fallen asleep watching the stars. The luggage was actually filled with delicious star gazing snacks.

n A man on 13th Avenue called police after an over-the-fence argument with a neighbor when the neighbor threatened to beat him up and kill his dog. The responding officer agreed this was a bit extreme and will be chatting with the neighbor making these threats.

n A man only identifying himself as "Bill" called to report that there was a male going on and off the trail in a wooded area near the 1600 block of B Street dressed all in pink wearing a bra. Officers searched for the subject, but found no one matching the description.

Aug. 26

n A man loaded a cart full of food then attempted to leave Safeway without paying. The suspect ran when confronted by loss prevention staff. Police have video of the suspect and are working to identify him.

n Officers assisted the fire department with a female who swallowed five AA batteries. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Aug. 27

n Officers responded to assist a caller who was concerned about her 5-year-old daughter who had locked herself in her mother's bedroom. It had been over two hours and the mother could not get a response. An officer was able to force entry into the bedroom by prying the door with a screwdriver. The child was found sleeping peacefully on the bed.

n Police responded to Yew Court after a resident backed into a neighbor's vehicle, then refused to give information and left. The investigation is continuing.

Aug. 28

n Police responded to Bard Park after a Miley Cyrus impersonation attempt went bad. Apparently the attempted "twerking" was upsetting enough to a nearby group of adults that they started yelling at them to stop because they had children with them. Both groups agreed to leave the park and cool off.

n Officers responded to a call of a subject going crazy armed with a machete and threatening to swing it at police to get them to shoot him. Officers arrived and the man was compliant and unarmed. The man calmed down and stated he was simply blowing off steam after an argument with his girlfriend and did not really wish to harm anyone.

Aug. 29

n Police responded to a 75-year-old female who overdosed on painkillers because she "couldn't take it anymore." Officers placed a police hold on her and she was transported to the hospital.

n A man called police concerned that he had not seen or heard anything from his brother at all since his brother's release from jail. Police explained to the man that there was a "no contact order" issued to his brother to not make contact with him. This is the protocol after getting arrested for assaulting your own brother.

Aug. 30

n Police went to the bus stop at 19th Avenue and B Street after a bus driver called in a subject masturbating at the location. Officers contacted the man, who was intoxicated and had his hands down his pants. He denied masturbating and stated he was simply trying to get home. The man was given a ride home.

n Officers were called to C Street on a loud college party. Residents of the home were contacted and stated they were playing "Wii dance" and things got a little loud. They agreed to keep it down.

Aug. 31

n Officers responded to an accidental alcohol overdose on Primrose Lane. The subject was transported to the hospital. They responded to another call of an intoxicated female laying in the yard of a home on Doubletree Street. The woman was transported to the hospital.

n Officers responded to a disturbance between roommates on 21st Avenue. The argument was over an accidentally opened letter.

n Officers responded to a call about a 3-year-old child that had been missing for over an hour and a half from an address on Pacific Avenue. The mother was upset and had looked everywhere, except under the dining room table, where the girl was found asleep.

n An elderly male from an area assisted living center reported that a male CNA had touched him inappropriately. The man later denied the whole story, but then called 911 wanting out of the facility.

n While patrolling through the Safeway lot in the early morning hours, an officer notice a boy run from the Safeway store entrance carrying two cases of beer. Another subject, who turned out to be a Safeway employee, was chasing him. The officer assisted in detaining the boy. He was charged with Minor in Possession, Theft and Curfew.

Banks in July

n A resident reported that two checks were drawn on from an account from a payday loan company. Numerous complaints have been filed about this company.

n Officers responded to a fight on Park Street on the Fourth of July between and resident and vehicle driver who was apparently driving too fast in the neighborhood.

n Officers arrested a man in the Jim's Thriftway parking lot for violating a restraining order.

n An unknown suspect smashed a car window during the night on N.W. Arborpark Loop.

n Officers assisted in locating a runaway that had been seen around town.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Wilkes Street. A man was arrested after a physical altercation with his girlfriend.

n Oregon First Community Credit Union received a counterfeit $100 bill.

n Graffiti was found at Banks High School and Banks Elementary School.

n Unknown suspects tresspassed on N.W. Maplecrest Way at a vacant house.

n A Kindle was stolen from N.W. Commerce Street. A relative is the likely suspect.

n A few boys lit a newspaper on fire, left it on a porch of a home on N.W. Elmhurst Court and rang the doorbell.

n Officers arrested a man for sexual abuse.

n A suspect stole about $130 from a family member who lives on N.W. Maplecrest Way.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between an aunt and niece on N.W. Maplecrest Way.

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