Forest Grove

Sept. 16

n Police responded to assist parents with their 12-year-old child, who had locked himself in the family car because he didn’t want to go to school. The car was unlocked and the boy was escorted to school by the officer.  

n A resident called police after wiring $7,000 to an online “contractor” and then realized it was a scam.

n While on 19th Avenue near Maple Street, a vehicle abruptly stopped in front of a patrol car, causing the officer to brake to avoid collision. The officer got out to talk to the driver and noticed signs of intoxication. The man was arrested and later submitted to a breath test showing .22 percent blood alcohol content.  

Sept. 17

n On Willamina Avenue, police contacted the parents of a man who was unwanted at their residence. Apparently, their son is delusional and does not believe they are his real parents. The son also believes that his parents “killed someone in a hole in the couch.” 

n A woman walked into an urgent care facility and told a doctor she wanted to die. She was upset because her friend died. She wanted to join the friend, but did not have a plan to do so. She agreed to go to the hospital for help.

n A bike was reported stolen two weeks ago from a caller’s son. Mom found the bike parked in front of a home in the area and asked an officer to accompany her in confronting the neighbor to retrieve the bike. The neighbor admitted to taking the bike and claimed it had been sitting next to a sign reading “Free.” The caller’s son then admitted that he might have parked the bike too close to the sign, which was actually sitting next to an old chair, which was the intended free item. After a good laugh, the bike was turned over to the owner. 

n Police responded to a disturbance involving a 15-year-old boy who tore up his parent’s room to retrieve a cell phone that had been taken away. The boy reportedly threatened his father with a six-iron golf club. He was apparently retaliating after his parents took action after finding drug paraphernalia and drugs in his room. The boy was lodged at a juvenile detention facility for menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and possession of drugs. 

Sept. 18

n Officers helped a swamped Cornelius Police Department and responded to the Cornelius U.S. Bank, where there was a verbal argument over property.

n A man called police because he could not find his sister. The man acknowledged that it might be because she was hiding out to avoid arrest on a warrant. He later spoke to her by phone, but she refused to say where she was.

n Police placed a wheel lock or “boot” on a vehicle on 22nd Avenue for unpaid parking citations. They later responded to the location, where a tow truck was about to hook up and tow the vehicle. Apparently, the owner lied to the tow truck driver and claimed she paid her tickets and the boot could be removed at the tow yard. Officers sent the tow truck away and placed a second boot to prevent future attempts to move the car. The tow truck bill will likely exceed the amount of the unpaid fines.

Sept. 19

n A concerned apartment manager called police after not seeing a tenant for more than a week. The manager also reported a large number of flies gathering on the inside of the apartment window. Officers stood by while the manager entered, but besides a bunch of flies, there was no one inside.

n Police responded to a disagreement between two sisters on Cedar Street. One sister was trying to move out, but the other would not let her retrieve her belongings. The other sister then called police because the sister who originally called was now tearing plants out of the front yard. Police spoke to her and discovered she was not leaving a single thing behind for her sister, including plants that she purchased and planted.  

n Officers responded to another sibling disagreement on Pacific Avenue. A FedEx package was stolen from the front porch, and the man suspects his own brother.  The investigation is continuing.

n Police contacted a man on Pacific Avenue who was extremely paranoid and convinced people were following him. Police did not see anyone else in the area. The man agreed to go to the hospital to get checked out. Police handled another call of the same nature when woman reported that her ex-boyfriend, who lives in Banks, had come out to visit her in Forest Grove. He too was acting paranoid and recently purchased a handgun because he thought people were out to get him. In yet a third incident, a man reported he thought “bikers” were following him. In the final such call for the day, a man who was due to offer witness court testimony the next day believed people were driving and walking slowly by his house watching him.

n Two college students asked police for help in getting into their residence. Apparently, the landlord installed the door knob backwards and they could not get inside or reach their landlord for help.

Sept. 20

n A man with a hankering for snackies was caught by Safeway loss prevention staff for stealing a bag of cookies. The craving was further explained when the arresting officer found 11 bags of marijuana in his pockets. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail for theft and delivery of marijuana.  

n A woman called police requesting to talk to a different officer besides one she spoke to earlier because she did not like the answers the other officer provided. The woman pretty much got the same answers by the second officer.  

n A woman involved in an ongoing feud with her sister called to report that her sister stole her ID 35 years ago. It was suggested she make more timely reports as this was long past the statute of limitations.

n A man on Roxe Drive called 911 to report a disturbance involving a female acquaintance, but he was uncooperative with the dispatcher. The man called 911 three times, but never reported an emergency and would not answer questions appropriately. Officers went to the address and arrested him for improper use of 911.


Sept. 10

n A citizen reported a raccoon with a broken leg.

n A resident reported heading out to hunt. When he returned to his camp, he found a man stealing his stuff. When the suspect took off, the caller followed him. The suspect got into a Ford Ranger with a passenger side headlight out and a silver tailgate. The suspect and his passenger shot at the caller.

Sept. 11

n A resident reported a man in the fetal position lying in a neighbor’s yard. An officer contacted the man and woke him up. The man, thinking he was handing the officer his wallet, actually handed over his case of marijuana and paraphernalia.

n A suspicious person was reportedly going door-to-door selling products. The caller thinks it’s a scam.

n A hit-and-run crash occurred at Burger King. The suspect was seen on Fred Meyer surveillance leaving the scene and the case is under investigation.

Sept. 12

n Officers responded to a residence on 19th Avenue after receiving a report of yelling and things being thrown out of windows at a neighboring house. Officers found a man was drunk and not letting a woman leave, so she was climbing out of the window to get away. The man left before officers arrived, saying he was going to stay elsewhere for the night.

n A pit bull was running around a neighborhood and the owners will be cited for having a dog at large.

n A caller requested a welfare check on her husband. They are separated. He is not answering his door or phone, and she fears he may have died from sleep apnea. Officers couldn’t locate him.

Sept. 15

n A man slammed a female against a freezer door, giving her a gash on her head. She needed stitches. He then took a plate and slammed it against his head several times. He said the woman did it, but she said he did it to himself. Their daughter was watching from the stairs. The man was transported to the hospital to get stitches and then to the Washington County Jail.

n A young lady with epilepsy, afraid to give her name, said she had a seizure while in a church parking lot earlier in the week. She thought she could have hit something with her car, but didn’t know for sure. She didn’t find any damage on her car. An officer took a hit-and-run report during that time frame in question.

n A patient at the Virginia Garcia clinic, who had no weapons and was not drunk, was having suicidal ideations. Officers made contact with the patient, who they transported to Tuality Hospital.

n A loss prevention staff member of a local store followed a couple outside thinking they were stealing. They dumped the items before they got to their car, however, and the man started punching and choking the woman. She was trying to run away, but the man pulled her back into the car and drove away. Officers couldn’t find them after an extensive area check. They are researching and attempting to identify them.

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