Forest Grove

Sept. 29

n A citizen called police to find out how to dispose of an old set of police-style overhead lights. They wanted to throw them away, but did not know if they had to turn them in to police. Police said they could simply throw them away. 

n Officers checked on a deceased person on 19th Avenue. They determined the person died from natural causes.

 Sept. 30

n A man called police because he continued to get unwanted text messages from his girlfriend since their break-up. 

Oct. 1

n A resident on Lavina Drive called to report that someone fraudulently used his debit card at the Forest Grove Chevron.

Oct. 3

n A man by the name of Malarky was arrested for stealing items from Bi-Mart.

Oct. 6

n Officers and the department chaplain delivered a death notification in town after receiving a request from the Portland Police Department.

n A man was charged with attempting to elude officers and possession of methamphetamine and marijuana after trying to get away from an officer attempting to perform a traffic stop. The man was caught at Hergert and Nursery roads southeast of town and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n A resident on Main Street complained that her neighbors retaliate against her every time police visit the area. She claimed that neighbors would “use their mouths” and hit her garbage cans to retaliate.

Oct. 7

n A woman called police after finding a bag of muddy shoes left at her front door. The woman said she was told that this was a message from a drug dealer.

n The Oregon Mortuary Board called police regarding complaints they were receiving from a citizen. Police are familiar with the citizen, who has mental health issues and is making odd claims and complaints about corpses being held at the mortuary.

n A 10-year-old child was hit by a car in the 4200 block of Pacific Avenue. The child was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Oct. 8

n Officers went to Oak Street to check on a woman who was allegedly using drugs while pregnant. Officers found another subject at the residence who said the woman was not home and did not even know the woman was pregnant.

n Police responded to an out of control 15-year-old boy having a psychotic episode. The boy was hitting himself, scratching himself with a key and threating to commit suicide. Officers placed a protective hold on the boy and transported him to the hospital.

n  A girl called 911 and was crying and then laughing. She then remarked it was a “pocket dial” and hung up. Police contacted the girl, who said she was having problems with her phone. This is not the first time police have contacted the girl about this issue.

Oct. 9

n A man called police after a woman in another car “flipped him off” for following too close. 

n A resident called police about a couple going door-to-door offering free carpet cleaning.

n A driver in line at Dutch Brothers became alarmed after a man walked up and tapped on her window. Police found the man, who was looking for directions.

n Police responded on a report of a “drunk husband” breaking things in the house on 19th Avenue. Police stood by while the wife and children left the residence for the night.

Oct. 10

n Someone forgot to remove their drugs and drug paraphernalia from clothing before donating it to Goodwill. Officers seized the items.

n A man called police to let them know he accidentally dialed a wrong number. He just wanted police to be aware of it.

n Police responded to a restaurant on Main Street where a patron was screaming and yelling. Officers arrived as the man was paying his tab. Police are familiar with the man and believe he has mental health issues.

Oct. 11

n A man on Forest Gale Drive reported damage to his woodworking tools after someone poured glue all over them. He suspects his ex-wife or her new boyfriend.

n  A motorist called police after hitting a deer with their truck on Thatcher Road. The deer was alive but appeared to have a broken back and other critical injuries. The officer dispatched the deer.

n A man called police requesting to speak to an officer about an assault that occurred out in the county. Police learned the man had a warrant for his arrest. Washington County Sheriff’s deputies came out to take the assault report from the man and then arrested him for his warrant.

n A woman on Main Street repeatedly called police about a noise disturbance. She then called to complain about how police handled the call. After calling again to report “pounding” going on nearby, officers stood outside her residence and waited for some time but never heard anything. Other tenants did not hear anything either. Officers offered crisis team services to the woman, but she refused.

Oct. 12

n Officers responded to the library after receiving a report of an intoxicated man in the parking lot hitting a car. The man left the area prior to police arrival, but officers received a call about him again at Lincoln Park near the football game. The man then ran into an apartment on Main Street. Officers arrested the man after he began screaming inside the apartment and alarming other tenants.

n Police were called to an apartment complex on Hawthorne Street after receiving a report of children screaming and hiding in the bushes. Officers found children there playing and took no further action.

n A man on Main Street called after he observed a subject turn the door knob at the front door of his neighbor’s house and then watched as the man started peering into vehicles. Officers contacted the subject, who was extremely intoxicated. He was transported to a detox facility.

n A man armed with a handgun and wearing a bandana entered a restaurant on Pacific Avenue and stole an employee’s purse and cell phone. The investigation is continuing.


Sept. 24

n An officer on patrol recognized a man he knew had a warrant for his arrest in the 900 block of N. Davis Street. The officer arrested the 38-year-old man.

n  After stopping a woman for speeding, the officer arrested her for multiple warrants.

Sept. 25

n  After stopping a woman for speeding, the officer arrested the 19-year-old on a warrant.

n Officers arrested a man for shoplifting in the 2200 block of Baseline Street. He was also found in possession of more than one ounce of marijuana.

n A woman reported that she gave out some personal information on the phone and was worried that it may have been a scam. Officers gave her advice.

n A 32-year-old woman was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for assaulting her brother and his fiancé in the 800 block of North 26th Avenue. The fight allegedly started as an argument over someone breaking a marijuana pipe.

Sept. 26

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for distribution of cocaine after an officer who was walking through the parking lot of a bar in the 1000 block of Baseline Street saw the man give a white powdery substance to another male, who then ingested it.

n A citizen reported hearing what sounded like gunshots coming from somewhere in the area of 18th Avenue and Dogwood Street. Officers were unable to locate any problems and spoke to other neighbors in the area who said they did not hear anything.

n An officer responded to a residence in the 2600 block of South Beech Street after the resident called to report being awakened by a strange and indescribable noise coming from their back yard. The sound stopped prior to the officer’s arrival. The officer checked the area and did not locate anything.

n A man called police requesting assistance in locating his son, who is reportedly homeless and living on the street.

n An officer helped reunite a family after a miscommunication. Two young children were dropped off at home after school with no parents present.

n Officers responded to a three-car crash near the intersection of 10th Avenue and Adair Street that resulted in minor injuries.

Sept. 27

n Officers received a report of man sitting on a curb out front of a residence for a long period of time. He was just homeless and resting.

n A resident who was on a lunch break went home and interrupted a burglary in progress. The suspect, a white man, pointed a gun at the resident and told him to stay back, then took a gun case filled with items and fled out the rear door and into a neighboring home. The man fled prior to officer arrival. Officers have identified a possible suspect and are investigating.

Sept. 28

n Someone stole a leaf blower from a complainant’s garage. It was found at a local pawn shop and recovered.

n A boy left without parents’ permission and failed to return home. His dad drove around the city and located him, but when his son saw him he turned around and took off running.

n A caller overdosed on alcohol, Nyquil and antidepressants.

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