Nov. 24

n Police arrested a subject for harassment after he knocked the hat off a Pacific University campus safety officer. The subject was also charged in a unrelated theft.

n While raking leaves, a resident found a wallet that belongs to someone who doesn’t live in Forest Grove.

n Police investigated a hit-and-run near the intersection of 18th Avenue and Filbert Street after a man showed up at the hospital with injuries. Officers later located the suspect’s vehicle with a broken windshield from the incident. They arrested the driver, an 82-year-old woman. She was surprised and asked police how they found her since she didn’t leave her name with the person whose car she hit.

n A citizen called to report his brother pushed his mother and threw a chair at her.

Nov. 25

n A man called police to complain about unwanted calls and text messages from his ex-wife, although he still needed some calls and texts to take place because they have to communicate about their children. The officer suggested the man contact an attorney to figure this out.

n A man reported his wife missing. The wife was later located. She was extremely intoxicated and was with another person she had just met.

n Officers checked the welfare of dogs after a complaint said they were being neglected. Officers found them healthy with food, water and shelter.

n An apartment manager called to report the smell of “meth cooking,” but did not know where it was coming from.

Nov. 26

n Police responded to a disturbance on Main Street regarding an occupant who brought beer inside the home. This was against house rules and a violation of his probation.

n Police were called after someone tried to open up a bank account in New York under a local resident’s name.

n A citizen called police after noticing a suspicious looking vehicle in the neighborhood. The car was actually an undercover cop working.

n Police helped in locating a distraught teenage girl who had called a crisis line. The girl went to the hospital with her parents.

Nov. 27

n Police responded with medical help after a subject took some pills “just for fun.” It was no longer fun after the subject started not feeling well.

n An officer stopped a car for a minor traffic violation on Pacific Avenue but then arrested the driver after learning they were wanted.

n A citizen received a phone call from someone at the Smithsonian stating his mother owed the museum $50. It was confirmed the mother did not owe the Smithsonian any money and that this was a scam. 

n Police searched near the 3500 block of Pacific Avenue after a caller reported that a 12-year-old child crashed on a scooter. Officers did not locate a child. 

Nov. 28

n Thanksgiving Day was busy for officers. They responded to five domestic disturbances. Calls included a son who was taken to jail after getting into a volatile argument with his mother and started breaking things in the home, and a disturbance between an aunt and her niece about another family in the home and whether or not to have a 101-year-old family member go to a nursing home. 

n Police responded to a report of a man “freaking out” and yelling in front of a duplex. It turned out to be a woman and she went back inside her home for the night.

n An officer stopped a car near Maywood Drive and Hawthorne. The driver turned out to be intoxicated and driving with a misdemeanor level suspended license. He was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail after a breath test showed a blood alcohol level of .17 percent. 

n A man reported that he received a call from someone who said he hit their car and left a note. This was not possible according the man as he had been enjoying Thanksgiving dinner all evening and had not even used his car.

Nov. 29

n An anonymous caller reported smelling fumes from what they thought might be a meth lab next door. Officers found no sign of a meth lab and could not detect any fumes or odors.

n Officers responded to a loud party and found party-goers smoking marijuana. They were cited and the marijuana was seized. An officer checked a suspicious vehicle off of Fern Hill Road and found a subject using marijuana who was also cited. An officer located another parked vehicle at the B Street trailhead and found another subject in possession of marijuana and cited them.

n Officers checked an intoxicated man near his vehicle on Pacific Avenue who seemed to be waiting for the police to leave. The man, who was warned not to drive, claimed he was simply waiting for a ride home. As soon as police left the area, the man promptly got into his car and drove away. Officers found him several blocks away driving down the middle of the road. He was stopped and arrested for DUII. His blood alcohol level was nearly double the legal limit at .15 percent.

n Police checked on a 100-year-old woman after her daughter called with concerns about her welfare. An officer spoke to her and observed she was doing fine.  

Nov. 30

n Officers responded to a hit-and-run near Pacific Avenue and Yew Street. A woman later returned to the scene and explained that she got scared and drove home before coming back. A witness, however, reported the woman was not the one driving. Faced with this fact, the woman revealed she was covering for her daughter. The witness further reported the driver was actually a male. Police learned the daughter was covering for a male friend who was actually the one driving. He was arrested.

n A citizen on Main Street called police after unknown individuals showed up knocking at the door. The caller later realized they knew who it was after all and cancelled the police response request.

n A resident reported someone ringing their doorbell and hitting the walls outside their home. Officers searched the area but found no one.

n An officer stopped to talk with a woman who was riding her bicycle on a sidewalk even though there was a bike lane available. The woman did not want to identify herself, but eventually gave a name. The officer found a jail mug shot under the name given, which did not match the description of the woman. When confronted with this, the woman admitted that she gave a friend’s name because she thought she might have a warrant for her arrest. She did, and was arrested.


Nov. 27

n Officers received a complaint of suspected criminal activity at the Cornelius Gateway mall in the 100 block of North 19th Avenue.

n A loose Rottweiler was reported to have almost attacked a citizen in the 700 block of 14th Place. Officers contacted the dog’s owner and Washington County Dog control staff arrived to chat.

n Someone tried to steal three jackets from Coastal Farm & Ranch store, but dropped them and ran when contacted by employees.

n Two adults were arrested for trespassing at WalMart in the 200 block of Baseline Street. Both adults had been previously trespassed and were in violation of the notice.

n An out-of-control female was reported at a trailer park in the 700 block of Baseline Street. Officers contacted her and let her know her behavior was disruptive to fellow residents. The female went back inside the house.

n A drunk and out-of-control adult was reported to be disruptive in his parents’ residence in the 1300 block of South Ivy Street. Officers gave him a ride to his grandma’s house for the night.

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for stealing from WalMart.

n Theft II at WalMart was reported and an adult was arrested and lodged at Washington County Jail.

n An unknown driver hit a vehicle, causing damage, and left the scene in the 200 block of North Adair Street.

n Someone complained about two suspicious boys. Officers located them and determined no crime had been committed.

Nov. 28

n A business owner contacted a man in the 100 block of North Adair Street and told him not to illegally dump his garbage at his business. The man left some garbage prior to police arrival. The business owner managed to get the suspect’s information.

n A suicidal subject was reported in the 500 block of North Adair Street and was given a ride to the hospital for treatment.

Nov. 29

n Someone reported their wallet stolen while shopping in the 200 block of North Adair Street.

n Officers checked on an elderly woman in the 1900 block of Alpine Street after they received a welfare check request. She was fine; she just didn’t want to talk to the requester.

n Officers assisted the Hillsboro Police Department on a disturbance with a weapon call. They located the suspect in the 2900 block of North Holladay Street and arrested him.

n A vehicle window was damaged in the 400 block of South Alpine Street.

n A man was arrested for DUII and reckless driving and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

Nov. 30

n An adult male was cited for possession of marijuana in the 1100 block of North Barlow Street.

n An out-of-control juvenile was reported in the 800 block of Nectarine Street. Officers helped calm him down.

n An accident was reported in the 3800 block of Baseline Street. Both vehicles had extensive damage.

n There was a complaint about a loud party in the 900 block of South Third Street in Cornelius.

n Someone reported that a suspicious person was going through backyards and picking things up. The person had left prior to police arrival and was not located.

Dec. 1

n A camera was stolen from a residence in the 400 block of South Seventh Court.

n A juvenile ran away from her home in the 900 block of South 26th Avenue and was located by Hillsboro officers near the TriMet transit center.

n The railroad arms on South 26th Avenue were reported as a hazard. The railroad company arrived and repaired the arms.

n Officers assisted in finding a vehicle owner who was involved in an incident in Oregon City.

n Officers received a report of a man going through what appeared to be an abandoned house.

n Officers assisted Washington County officers in arresting a woman on a warrant and with a dog track leading to another suspect involved with a stolen ATV.

Dec. 2

n There was a three vehicle crash. One person was cited for following too close.

n A male reported that someone was trying to steal his secured bike in the 34400 block of Tualatin Valley Highway. The suspect was just trying to move the bike to flatten boxes.

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