Dec. 1

n A detective went to check on an elderly man as he was concerned he might be the victim of elder financial abuse. Upon arriving at the home, the detective noticed a suspicious car parked out front that immediately took off at a high rate of speed. The detective requested patrol assistance to stop the car. The man was arrested after officers found 21.5 ounces of methamphetamine and packaging hidden in the emergency brake lever compartment along with personal checks belonging to the elderly man. The suspect was lodged at the Washington County Jail on multiple charges. 

n While on another traffic stop, a driver attempted to hide several baggies of methamphetamine from an officer. The baggies were recovered and the driver was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and on a warrant for his arrest.

n A housekeeper from a local hotel called police after her cell phone was stolen from her housekeeping cart.

Dec. 2

n Officers checked the welfare of a man after his ex-girlfriend reported that he sent her texts saying she would not have to deal with him anymore and that he was ending it. The man told officers he simply meant he was going to be out of her life from now on and was not actually wanting to hurt himself.

n A man came into the police station lobby to complain that he was being harassed by his sister via text messages. Police determined the man was simply arguing with his sister by text and no crime was being committed.

n A woman came into the lobby to report that a dog jumped on her and caused her to fall. The dog did not bite and was not being mean or vicious. An officer spoke with the dog’s owners and informed them of the complaint.

n Police responded to a volatile domestic disturbance that occurred after a woman found out her husband fathered a child with another woman.

Dec. 3

n  A resident called police after receiving a package they did not order.  Meanwhile, officers took reports of packages that did not arrive or were stolen that were ordered.

n Police responded to a dog running in traffic on 19th Avenue. A citizen was able to follow the dog and corralled it in his back yard on Main Street.  Later, a state police trooper found the same dog running in the highway on Highway 47 near Elm Street after it apparently escaped. Forest Grove officers helped the trooper try to capture the dog but it eluded officers in the area of 12th and Emily. Later, a citizen called to report that her dog was stolen. Police thought it might be the same dog; however, it was unrelated. Her dog eventually returned home on its own.

n While on a noise disturbance call of loud music, an officer observed the likely culprit drive by in a car with extremely loud music blaring from his vehicle. The officer stopped the car and noticed the driver seemed intoxicated. The driver failed field sobriety tests but showed 0.00 percent blood alcohol level from the breath test. A drug recognition expert determined the man was under the influence of other drugs and he was arrested for DUII.

n  Police responded to the McDonald’s parking lot to assist medical crews after a caller reported they were driving a sick family member to the hospital and were advised to meet an ambulance there. Unfortunately, the family member was pronounced deceased at the location.

Dec. 4

n Officers responded to a crash involving an overturned trailer loaded with Christmas trees. The driver lost control after hitting ice on the B Street Bridge.

n Police responded to assist the fire department. A person was not breathing following an accidental overdose.

n Officers arrested a man on a warrant near the intersection of 19th Place and Hawthorne Street and found marijuana on him. The man had other containers with him he refused to allow officers to search. Police will look inside the containers after getting a search warrant.

n  Police checked a suspicious vehicle in the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue. They found a man inside who had a warrant for his arrest and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

Dec. 5

n An officer spoke with two “friends” who were each claiming the other was “saying mean things about” them on Facebook.

n While on patrol, an officer checked on a car on Main Street because its alarm was going off. Ten-month-old and 7-year-old children were inside but there was no adult in sight. After checking nearby establishments, the officer found their mother gambling. She was arrested for child neglect.

n Police responded to the 1800 block of Pacific Avenue after a vehicle ran into a building. The driver was transported to the hospital for an unknown medical condition.

n An officer responded to a noise disturbance — reportedly a loud piano. The officer was unable to hear any music.

Dec. 6

n An employee of a local fast food establishment called police after finding a boy lying on the floor in the bathroom. Officers contacted the boy who said he was fine, but he just need to “get away” for a while. He was transported back to his residence.

n A resident of an apartment complex called police after finding a man in the laundry room with a gas can claiming he was “looking for water.” The man then left the area. Police searched but did not find the man.

n A local pharmacist called police after a man in the lobby area was acting “out of it.” Officers contacted the man, who admitted that he might be reacting to a new medication regimen that his doctor ordered. Police had Forest Grove Fire & Rescue crews evaluate him.

n A man was arrested after he held a knife to a female’s throat following a disturbance. While on the way to the jail, the man began banging his head against the door and window of the patrol car. He was further restrained upon arrival at the Washington County Jail.

Dec. 7

n A citizen called police after a subject approached him and asked to use his cell phone near 19th Avenue and B Street. The caller was concerned the subject was under-dressed for the extremely cold weather. Officers checked the area but did not locate the subject.

n A local auto parts store called police after a customer walked out with a diagnostic tool but did not return it.

n Officers assisted Cornelius police officers after five people ran from a car during a traffic stop. All five were apprehended.

n Officers spoke to a man at an assisted living facility after he was overheard stating that he wanted to shoot another resident if he could only obtain a gun. The man denied making the statement but allowed a search his room which yielded four rifle rounds and several knives, which is against facility rules.

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