The names of students who made the Scholastic Honor Roll during Fall term have been announced by officials at Oregon State University in Corvallis. To be on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Local students on the Honor Roll include:

Banks — Straight-A Average: Samuel I. Artaiz, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Matthew R. Borchers, Freshman, Earth Sciences; Christy S. Losli, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science.

3.5 or better: Jeffrey Coussens, Senior, Mechanical Engineering; Mitchell J. Evers, Freshman, Bioresource Research; Iris I. Godfrey, Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Jacob D. Lyda, Sophomore, Economics.

Buxton — 3.5 or better: Devin M. Wyckoff, Sophomore, Pre-Mechanical Engineering.

Cornelius — 3.5 or better: Kelsey M. Drewry, Senior, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Kyle M. Duyck, Sophomore, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Eliot L. Frack, Junior, Apparel Design; Allyson M. Harer, Senior, Animal Sciences; Emily R. Hepler, Junior, Fisheries and Wildlife Science; Brian L. Hill, Junior, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Scott D. Hill, Freshman, Pre-Elect & Computer Engineer; Jennifer R. Lux, Senior, Chemical Engineering; Jerome J. Lux, Freshman, Biology; Peter W. Mercer, Senior, Civil Engineering; Jose A. Perucho, Freshman, Pre-Computer Science; Morgan E. Willer, Senior, History.

Forest Grove — 3.5 or better: Ethan D. Alton, Senior, Civil Engineering; David L. Bade, Senior, Bioresource Research; Nicholas R. Bristow, Junior, Computer Science; Brenda L. Contreras, Junior, Psychology; Elisse M. Hansen, Senior, Apparel Design; Sarah E. Hinton, Senior, Civil Engineering; Shelby L. Hoefs, Freshman, University Exploratory Studies; Richard L. Holscher III, Junior, Exercise and Sport Science; Rebecca M. Kelsay, Senior, Psychology; Monique M. LaJeunesse, Freshman, Pre-Bioengineering; Jacob M. Lewis, Freshman, Pre-Business; Miguel Paniagua Rodriguez, Freshman, Exercise and Sport Science; Leith O. Parson, Senior, Public Health; Arturo Sayago, Junior, Pre-Business; Alex Z. Van Loo, Senior, Forest Engineering; Max P. Wilson-Fey, Junior, Ecological Engineering; Morgan E. Wright, Junior, Psychology.

Gaston — Straight-A Average: Tylor D. Brekke, Senior, General Science; Brandi B. Dawson, Senior, Human Devel and Family Science; Kaitlin F. Gonzales, Senior, Animal Sciences.

3.5 or better: Keith Beierle, Junior, Psychology; Dalton J. Guy, Senior, Management; John W. Harris, Sophomore, Microbiology.

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