Forest Grove

April 27

n Police were called after a tenant heard a beeping sound coming from a dumpster. An officer determined the beeping sound was from a smoke alarm with dying battery. The caller then wanted the officer to climb into the dumpster, which was full of food waste and dirty diapers, to retrieve the smoke alarm. The officer politely declined and suggested the tenant contact the apartment manager. A second caller reported the same beeping noise and insisted it was a bomb about to go off. He said he had previous military experience. He too was referred to the apartment manager.

n Police responded to an individual with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful.

n A caller from a local rehabilitation center called police to report that she was being held captive. Police determined she was suffering from dementia.

April 28

n Police responded with medical personnel to a report of a person collapsed near their vehicle. The individual was transported to the hospital.

n Officers were called to an assisted living center because a resident was being combative. The resident threatened to hit an officer with a corded remote control. The resident was detained for his safety and transported to the hospital.

n A man at another assisted living center attacked a nurse with a fire extinguisher and discharged it in a hallway. He was taken to the hospital on a police officer hold.

n In yet a separate incident, police responded to a report of a combative resident at another care facility. This man was also transported to the hospital.

April 29

n A caller reported a traffic hazard on Pacific Avenue. There was apparently a small dog running into traffic with its owner in a wheelchair trying to catch it. Officers arrived in the area but did not locate the hazard.

n A woman called to complain about noise from trucks and leaf blowers.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance that sounded like a male and female in a physical altercation. It turned out to be new dog owners yelling at the dog to stay away from their cat.

n Officers helped with a missing 3-year-old child who left the backyard through an unsecured gate. An officer found the child a couple blocks away and returned him home.

April 30

n A resident called after learning that someone applied for a driver’s license in their name in North Carolina.

n A woman called police after her recently acquired “rescue dog” attacked a friend’s dog. She wanted the officer to take the dog back to Bonnie L. Hays Animal Shelter. Officers let her know she would need to take the dog back herself.

n Police responded to a man threatening to kill himself by jumping into traffic. The man was transported to the hospital.

n Officers investigated an auto-pedestrian crash after a 10-year-old boy was struck by a Grove Link bus after running back from getting ice cream from the ice cream van.

May 1

n Police responded to a report of children throwing water balloons at cars. The children were warned and told to stay away from the road.

n A caller reported that someone was honking their car horn and that it had been going on for 10 minutes. Officers found a car alarm going off which eventually drained the battery.

n A man left his wallet on the bumper of his car and drove away. He found the wallet the next day all of his credit cards were gone.

May 2

n Police responded to a disturbance involving a weapon. They arrested a man for menacing and unlawful use of a weapon after he threatened another man with a knife.

n A citizen reported that her neighbor’s Chihuahua was running loose, nipped at her friend and tried attacking her dog.

n A woman reported being attacked by her neighbor’s cat, which resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Animal Control is investigating the situation.

n A woman reported that her boyfriend said he was going to have her kidnapped and then was going to kill himself. He then proceeded to take an overdose of medication. He was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

May 3

n A caller reported that a man with a pony tail was pushing what appeared to be a cat in a stroller and requested that officers check on the welfare of the cat. Officers found the man and the cat. The man said he was simply taking his cat for a walk.

n Officers looked for a lost 6-year-old child who was missing for three hours. He was found at a neighbor’s home.

n Police responded to a report of three males fighting and one yelling for help. Officers arrived to find an injured victim who reported he had just been assaulted by two others. Two men were located nearby with blood on their hands, legs and feet. One subject resisted arrest. Both were eventually taken into custody and transported to jail for assault.


April 21 to 27

n A resident reported she was served with eviction papers and her husband was threatened by a landlord’s family member.

n Officers responded to a report of someone placing pizza boxes in the highway. Officers contacted the individual and warned them for placing the boxes in the highway.

n An unknown suspect made a fraudulent return at a store and pushed past loss prevention staff when confronted. The subject gave a fake name in a money order and did not have to present identification for the return.

n Officers helped a woman whose ex-husband is engaging in stalking behaviors. Officers suggested pursuing a restraining order or stalking order.

n A car was broken into on S. Alpine Street and a stereo, tools and stroller were stolen.

n Tires were stolen from a truck bed during the night and a resident’s tires were slashed.

n Residents thought they heard a noise upstairs in their house. Officers searched the area but found no one.

n A Seahawks banner was stolen from a garage and other small items from inside a vehicle were taken.

n A mother reported her daughter was assaulted at school. Follow-up is pending with the school, the boy and parents.

n Roommates were involved in a fight. The complainant reported his roommate threatened him with a baseball bat. He broke a bat over furniture, then pulled a knife and threatened him.

n A witness saw two males smash a mirror and then run to a tan SUV driven by a female.

n A drunk man became belligerent with a bartender after he was refused service. The drunk man was asked to leave and initially refused. When he was told police were coming, he left the business. Officers contacted him in the parking lot.

n Officers arrested a man for a warrant and for possession of methamphetamine.

n A passerby reported a man walking in the middle of the highway near Coastal Farm & Ranch. Officers arrested him on a warrant.

n A chronic caller requesting a welfare check on her father, who resides with his other daughter. They have an ongoing struggle over their father’s wellbeing. The complainant lives in California and worries about her dad if she doesn’t hear from him on Sundays. She now wants to file an elder abuse complaint.

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