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Relay for Life mistakenly miscounts donation money


Forest Grove Relay for Life volunteers are still working to collect more donations before the Aug. 31 deadline, but they’ve had to pause from their labors to address an accounting mistake.

Volunteers mistakenly double-counted a portion of the funds raised at the July anti-cancer event at Neil Armstrong Middle School, and consequently reported raising about $20,000 more than they actually did.

“I can’t even express how embarrassed we are,” said Wendy Fisher of the American Cancer Society, through which Relay for Life is organized. “I’ve never had this happen in 11 years.”

Fisher said volunteers counted the money the morning after the all-day and all-night event, when they were tired and short-handed.

Forest Grove Relay for Life — a volunteer-run event — has raised almost $50,000, not the $70,000 originally estimated.

“Fifty thousand dollars is still amazing,” said Fisher, who added they’re planning ahead to prevent any mishaps next year.

“Volunteers work so hard all year and for this mistake at the end to be the thing that gets all the attention is sad,” Fisher said. “Any time attention is taken away from all the good the volunteers do, it’s bothersome.”

Go to fgrelay.org to donate by Aug. 31 and help organizers meet their $80,000 goal.