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Beloved local horse saved by firefighters after he got stuck in mud

A month after he helped pull Forest Grove Fire & Rescue's antique steam engine down Main Street for the holiday light parade in downtown Forest Grove, a Clydesdale named Windsor had another date with emergency responders — this time he'd gotten caught in a mud pit and needed to be rescued.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue firefighters arrived shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 4, at a residence on McInnis Lane in Aloha. Upon their arrival, they found the 1,800 pound Clydesdale in approximately two feet of mud on his side. Windsor was hypothermic due to extremely cold temperatures and was unable to gather enough energy to get out of the pit on his own.

Firefighters immediately pulled Windsor out of the mud pit using a system of pulleys and ropes, moving him onto more solid ground where he could begin treatment for hypothermia. Heating equipment from another TVF&R crew was brought in to help warm the horse while two local veterinarians assisted with his medical needs. After about 45 minutes, Windsor's temperature came back to near normal numbers and with some assistance, he was able to get back on his feet again.PHOTO COURTESY OF TVF&R - Windsor the Clydsdale got stuck in 2 feet of mud and became hypothermic Wednesday

The rescue took approximately four hours, according to a release from TVF&R. Windsor is doing well and will fully recover from the incident.

The TVF&R crew was assisted by Dr. Cecile Coulon with Zephyr Equine and Dr. Cierra Dedeker and Shelby VanSlander with Peak Performance Equine PLLC.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue released.

If all goes well, Windsor will remain part of the McInnis Classic Clydesdale team and help pull the Forest Grove Fire Department's 1907 engine next year.

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