What have FGPD officers been up to March 12 to March 18?

Forest Grove Police Department officers have been busy this week.March 12

- A man was invited to his father's residence, but was then asked to leave with police assistance after he apparently overstayed his welcome.

- A man called for police after his daughter's boyfriend refused to leave the residence. The boyfriend soon realized he should have just left when asked as officers found a warrant for his arrest and relocated his stay to the Washington County Jail.

- A driver of a tow truck lied about his identity after an officer stopped him because he had expired tags. After the officer spotted a methamphetamine pipe in the truck cab, the rest of the story unraveled revealing the man had a warrant for his arrest. The man was taken to jail and his tow truck was towed away by another tow truck.

March 13

- The clerk at a local convenience store called police about a bird inside the business scaring customers. The officer only had to warn the bird once before it agreed to leave the business.

- A citizen reported that an acquaintance who recently moved to Salt Lake City was calling her to report that he was a CIA operative and that people were trying to kill him. He also told the caller he was going to kill everyone and that "a war was coming." FGPD contacted Salt Lake City Police who found the man and took him into custody.

- A woman reported to police that the government was making her not feel well. She complained of pain in her stomach. She felt so much better after talking to the officer, who she described as "well fit for the job." She called back asking to speak to him again.

March 14

- After spotting a wrong way driver, an officer stopped the vehicle and arrested the woman after she showed signs of intoxication and Hydrocodone was found in her possession.

- After a ServPro truck driver pulled over to assist another driver that had struck a dog, a woman jumped into the truck and drove away, crashing the truck nearby outside the city. The woman was taken into custody by a Washington County Sheriff's Office deputy.

- A caller reportedly heard a man scream "Come here and take this bullet!" on 22nd Avenue. Police found no people or weapons in the area.

March 15

- A caller reported that a woman who appeared to be on drugs was wandering down the street flipping people off. An officer contacted the woman and told her to stay out of the road. The woman told the officer she needed a hot cup of coffee and marijuana. The officer told her that more marijuana was not going to help her situation but did agree to buy her a cup of coffee.

- Campus Public Safety reported a man on the Pacific University campus that might be on drugs. Officers agreed with the assessment and arrested the man after learning he was wanted on a warrant for his arrest.

March 16

- A caller reported their son wanted to kill himself and had locked himself in his bedroom with a handsaw. Officers took the man into protective custody and transported him to the hospital.

- Police responded to a local public laundromat after someone called 911 but would not speak. The dispatcher could hear arguing in the background. Police found a woman and her boyfriend in a disagreement at the laundromat and asked both of them to the leave the location.

March 17

- A driver was cited after hitting a pedestrian in a crosswalk near Mountain View Lane.

- Officers assisted deputies looking for a wanted subject in Cornelius. The man was not located. Later, an alert FGPD officer spotted the subject in Forest Grove and arrested him.

- A concerned mother calling from California wanted police to check on her son who reportedly shared that he had just been followed home by five men with guns. Police contacted the son who had no idea what his mom was talking about and denied any such thing occurring.

March 18

- Police responded to a report of a man who consumed an unknown quantity of medications in an attempt to kill himself. The man was combative and eventually taken into protective custody before being transported to the hospital.

- An officer stopped to speak with a woman walking at night on 21st Avenue. A records check revealed the woman had a felony warrant for a previous arrest on possession of methamphetamine. The officer located more methamphetamine on her person during the arrest procedure. She was charged with another offense and taken to jail.

- A woman reported to police that her ex-husband refused to give her cat back. It turns out they were still married and the husband had equal rights to the cat.

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