What has the FGPD been up to April 30 to May 6? The good, the bad, the ugly

Forest Grove officers have been busy.April 30

- Officers placed a girl in protective custody and arranged for hospital transport after she tried to drown herself.

- A woman reported that a man pulled up to her in a car, got out, punched her in the eye and then drove away. Police are trying to determine a motive and are still investigating.

- An elderly woman wanted to report elder abuse after her daughter spoke rudely to her. Police determined no crime occurred.

May 1

- A woman called police because her 12-year-old would not listen to her. The officer explained this was a parenting issue and not a crime.

- An 18-year-old called police because her mother would not stop calling her.

- Officers responded to a report of a suicidal man and arrived to find the man with two knives to his throat. Officers used a taser and safely took the man into protective custody without any injuries.

May 2

- Police responded a second time to a late-evening loud-party complaint after party attendees failed to learn from the first police visit. The party was a "Masters' Degree" celebration.

- A possible explosive device with a fuse sticking out was found on Fernhill Road. The Portland Police Bomb Squad responded and detonated the device.

May 3

- Police checked on a man down near a roadway with a guide dog sitting next to him. Police determined the man was not having a medical emergency but rather was just intoxicated.

- A concerned woman called about her mother, who she believed was having a mental-health crisis triggered by a presidential address by the "Commander in Chief." The mother was so upset by the speech she slammed the door of the room her daughter was sitting in. The door jammed and trapped the daughter inside. Officers kicked the door in to allow her to escape.

May 4

- A woman called for help after she smoked marijuana and began hallucinating and breathing abnormally. She was transported to the hospital.

- An elderly woman called to report neglect and abuse by her family and was extremely upset. An officer determined the woman was upset because someone told her she couldn't go on a trip to Jamaica.

May 5

- A resident called after a gray colored SUV drove into the yard and destroyed her garden on 16th Place.

- Police assisted medical responders after a woman called to report that she overdosed on "marijuana chocolate."

- A 17-year-old female was transported to the hospital after she overdosed on alcohol.

May 6

- A male motorist flagged down an officer and handed over a note. The note indicated he was being watched by police and his phones were tapped. The man did not want to talk further and drove away.

- Five teenagers ran from a single-vehicle crash on Pacific Avenue. Officers determined the car was stolen. Police located the driver, who was a runaway from Hillsboro, and a passenger hiding in nearby bushes. Both were found in possession of large amounts of prescription drugs in unmarked containers. Three other occupants escaped. Officers are continuing to investigate.

- In a third round of basketball, officers found a skilled young player who was willing to join the FGPD team. With his help, the police finally came out with a win.

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