What have Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies been up to in April?

{filler:photo-filler-police-car-lights.jpg}- Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between roommates on Northwest Jarvis Place.

- Officers responded to a report of a harassment case on Northwest Broadshire Lane. A man was recently released from jail on charges involving a woman he was now receiving text messages from.

- A driver operating an empty school bus backed into a power pole near the intersection of Northwest Main Street and Sunset Avenue.

- Officers arrested a man on two warrants on Northwest Jarvis Place.

- A man on Jarvis Place violated a restraining order by sending text messages and photos to a woman. Officers arrested the man and transported him to jail.

- Residents of a home on Northwest Barton Court complained of wiretaps, computer hacking, phone cloning and general harassment by a company they have a lawsuit against. The complaints appear to be unfounded.

- The driver of a vehicle backed into a power pole in Sunset Park and knocked it down. The pole was rotten near ground level.

- Officers stopped a driver on Commerce Street. The driver's license was suspended. Officers cited him and released him.

- Two people stole a cart of clothes from Sunset Laundry.

- There was a minor rear-end accident in front of Banks High School. There were no injuries.

- An iPhone was stolen from a desk at the main office in Banks Middle School. The phone was locked after someone used the phone to post Banks Middle School sucks on the phone owner's Facebook account.

- A girl's bike was stolen from a front yard during the night on Northwest Ashton Drive.

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