What has the Forest Grove Police Department been up to July 6 to July 15? Find out in this week's police log

           July 6

- A caller reported finding a note taped to a neighborhood mailbox stating, "If dog feces is found, dogs will be harmed." Officers determined there was no crime at the time of the report.

July 7

- A citizen showed up at the police department to report a possible safety code violation with an extension cord going into a shed where something was possibly being grown or cooked near her residence. The citizen, however, refused to give the location or even a cross street, refused to give her phone number and refused to wait for officer contact. Officers were unable to provide any assistance.

- An officer pushed a man in his power wheelchair over several blocks back to his assisted living center after the chair became disabled in a crosswalk.

July 8

- Police responded to a disturbance call after a man stole marijuana from his girlfriend. The man ran from police, then resisted arrest.

- A woman called to tell officers that they no longer had any authority over her.

- A patron called for help after getting locked in a bathroom at a local establishment.

July 9

- A hotel employee reported that a guest stayed past checkout time and would not answer the door. Officers were greeted by a somewhat dazed man, sans clothing, who had multiple weapons, an array of adult toys, and toppled furniture strewn about the room. The man was asked to put on some clothes and leave the establishment, which he did.

- A caller reported that a man had flagged down his vehicle, stating that a "monster had robbed the store," before allegedly pulling out a gun. Officers were unable to find a man or monster, or any report of a robbed store.

- Night-shift officers contacted the driver of a suspicious vehicle who was found to be a registered sex-offender and had not updated his registration in two years. When officers went to arrest the man for failure to register as a sex offender, the man quickly changed to a different alias. Unfortunately that name also had an outstanding felony warrant in Washington. He was arrested.

July 10

- A man called to report that his girlfriend had punched him after he took back a promise ring he had previously given her.

- A caller reported that a man was at an elderly friend's apartment falsely professing to be the friend's grandson and then rummaging through the elderly man's belongings. The alleged imposter was trespassed from the property and told to move along.

- A woman reported that the icons on her computer had been mysteriously moved around on the desktop, possibly by a hacker.

July 11

- Night-shift officers contacted two juveniles who had snuck out of the house to make a run to a local convenience store. Officers informed them of curfew rules and released them to their parents.

- A woman reported that someone had taken her car at night while she was asleep, scratched up the vehicle, and then returned it before she awoke in the morning.

- Officers joined medical services at a local market where an intoxicated man was bleeding from a laceration on his arm. Officers were unable to get a coherent story from the man regarding the incident and the man refused medical attention.

July 12

- Police responded to the Forest Grove Farmers Market where two teens allegedly stole money from a vendor before fleeing the location. Officers were able to locate and arrest one suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

- Officers followed up with a door-to-door salesman who was reportedly offering to upgrade TV services for residents in the area without any official license or identification. He was advised to cease and desist.

- A caller reported a man acting strangely around a fire hydrant and checking the doors at a local church. Officers found a suspect matching the description nearby; he was advised to move along.

July 13

- A woman called 911 because she was upset about an eviction, stating that her phone was out of minutes and she needed to reach an officer. She was advised of the eviction process, which is a civil matter, as well as misuse of 911, which is a misdemeanor.

- A caller reported that they were feeling unsafe due to a pattern of 'threes' that had appeared in their home. Officers believe there were mental health issues involved and transported the individual to the hospital for evaluation.

- Police received a report of a mysterious man offering sexual favors at a local store.

July 14

- Police assisted in contacting a public safety chaplain for parents who tragically lost their child.

- An elderly man was reported missing from a residence. He was found a few blocks away from the home.

- On stepped-up patrols along the B Street trail, officers found several illegal camps and ordered individuals to pack their things and move along.

July 15

- Law enforcement resources and the family of an online gamer were victims of a "swatting" incident. Someone made a false call stating an armed man was barricaded in a residence assaulting a female.

- A woman reported that a man grabbed her buttocks at a local establishment while she was attempting to order Jell-O shots. The man explained that he was trying to "high five" a friend the moment the caller was pushed his way.

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