Pizza pranks, red-light runner races to help girlfriend, rap-music dispute, alert hot-meal volunteer

FILE PHOTO - A week in the life of Forest Grove police: What would you do in these situations?July 16

--The manager of a pizza delivery service reported receiving a suspiciously large order to a location where residents claimed they had not ordered any pizza. Police discovered that two other pizza providers received similar calls to have large orders delivered to the same location. Officers suspected the orders were part of an elaborate prank.

--Officers contacted a man seen crying and lying in a busy intersection. The man explained he was suffering from a broken heart, but also described symptoms of serious chest pain and began making suicidal statements. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

July 17

--A caller reported that halogen lights were stolen from her residence and were being sold online. Officers are investigating.

--Police conducted a welfare check on a woman who did not show up for her dialysis appointments. The woman explained that she was feeling fine.

--Officers stopped a pickup with two backpacks in the bed, one of which had a visible, loaded syringe hanging out of it. The occupants denied owning the backpacks, but the driver consented to a search that yielded drug paraphernalia, as well as an ID card for the passenger, who had quietly left the scene. He was later located and arrested. 

July 18

--Officers learned that a driver who had been stopped for running a red light was racing to his girlfriend's house after she admitted attempting suicide. Police responded to the girlfriend's location to check and found her in distress; she was transported to the hospital.

--Officers were dispatched to an assisted living community after an abandoned 911 call was received from that location. Officers found an upset resident had placed the call to report staff he was unhappy with.

July 19

--An officer was grabbing his morning coffee when he witnessed a man leave a store without paying for items. A set of headphones and deodorant were recovered from the thief.

--Meals on Wheels asked police to check on a man who hadn't answered his door in three days. Officers were able to contact the man through an open window; the man said he was fine, but sorry he missed the Meals on Wheels folks.

--Police received a report that a man was seen having breathing issues in the bushes along a busy road. On arrival, the man told police he had been smoking marijuana and methamphetamine, and wanted to go to the hospital.  The man then became combative with medical personnel and had to be restrained. He was transported to the hospital.

July 20

--A caller reported being verbally harassed by a man who was upset with the caller for starting a relationship with the man's wife a year ago. 

--A woman reported ongoing phone harassment and requested a phone call. When the officer called as requested, the woman demanded the officer prove their identity and challenged the officer on how they managed to call when she had her phone programmed to block it. The woman proceeded to call the officer obscenities then demanded the officer hang up.  The woman later called back to apologize and explained that she was suffering from mental health issues.

--A woman in a van called police to report that DEA agents and FEDS were flashing knives and flashlights at her. Officers checked the area and found nothing.

July 21

--A renter called police to report that her landlord was holding her mail for non-payment of rent.

--Police responded to another disturbance between two subjects arguing over rap music.

--An officer transported a man home after he got lost and had been walking the streets all night.

July 22

--A man walked into a local convenience store and threw hot dogs on the floor. When confronted, the man spit at and pushed an employee. Officers arrested the man on multiple charges.

--A resident called for extra patrols after someone rang their doorbell at 4 am.

--A reported suicidal man was checked on by police. The man admitted not being happy about his girlfriend's new crush but denied being suicidal.

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