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Storytime request, bottled-water scam, K-9 finds car thiefs, don't nap near a highway, threatened bus driver

FILE PHOTO - A week in the life of Forest Grove police officers.July 23

  • A man called police to report his neighbor who had slept in the yard and argued with aliens throughout the day. Officers believed the man was experiencing a mental health crisis. He was transported to the hospital.

  • Police received a call from a man claiming he was 'coldcocked' and knocked unconscious by a mysterious man at a bar the night before. As officers were investigating the alleged assault, they learned the caller had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

    An individual called police asking for someone to read them a book.

    July 24

    While transporting a wanted individual to the jail, an officer's vehicle was nearly side-swiped by another vehicle. The officer took evasive action and then pulled over the other vehicle, citing the driver for making an unsafe lane change.

    Officers contacted a man seen emptying several cases of bottled water. The man stated he had purchased the cases to sell, but needed to claim the deposit on the bottles for bus money. Suspecting the bottles may be connected to a large display of cased water at a nearby market, officers questioned the man who then admitted they were indeed stolen. Six cases of water were recovered; the thief was cited and trespassed.

    Police responded to a couple's dispute after the boyfriend punched out the girlfriend's vehicle's windshield. The boyfriend was cited for criminal mischief.

    July 25

    A caller reported an elderly man walking around in the caller's cornfield. Police contacted the man who was lost and disoriented, and transported the man home.

    Officers responded to a call that a case of hard lemonade was stolen from a local store and that the suspect was seen enjoying the loot in a parking lot across the way. Upon contact, the woman drew a large knife and grew increasingly uncooperative. After being persuaded to drop the weapon, the woman was taken into custody.

    Officers followed up with a man who had given a coat to a woman roughly a year ago, not realizing that a wedding ring was inside the coat's pocket. After some investigating, officers were able to locate the woman but not the ring.

    July 26

    A suspicious man was seen helping himself to sandwiches and canned goods from a church during a free summer lunch program for kids. The man fled the scene but was located by officers at a local park. The man, who identified himself as "Magic," quickly saw the stolen items disappear as officers confiscated and returned them.

    A caller reported that a sexual assault was underway at a neighbor's house. After giving graphic detail to dispatch, the man hung up stating he needed to rescue the victim. Police arrived and found no one home at the residence, then questioned neighbors who reported hearing and seeing nothing suspicious. Police believe this was yet another incident of 'swatting' — elaborate pranks conducted remotely, often dispatching emergency resources to unsuspecting citizens.

    July 27

    A man reported that his girlfriend bit him while they were driving home from a Blue Oyster Cult concert and then locked him out of the house. He further admitted that both had been drinking. The girlfriend was arrested for assault and the boyfriend for driving under the influence.

    Police were called to investigate an argument between a husband and wife that reportedly escalated into a physical fight. Officers located the couple, who denied any physical contact but admitted to an argument over the husband's poor sense of direction.

    A caller reported that neighbors were sitting on her patio furniture without permission.

    July 28

    Officers broke up a fight at a local bar.

    A bus driver reported that a driver was threatened by a passenger who was angry that the bus had stopped at the end of the line and would not be taking him to his destination.

    Police checked on a woman seen lying near a busy road. The woman said she was fine and just resting after a fun day at the river. Officers suggested that perhaps a nap near the road wasn't the safest idea.

    July 29

    A day-shift officer came across a broken down vehicle in the middle of a major street and used a little good ol' fashioned man-power to push it to a safer location.

    A man called 911 to report a group of individuals smoking marijuana in a local park. Officers found the group who were just enjoying the sunshine. The same man called 911 again, angry that the officers had not removed the group; he was educated about misuse of 911.

    A man reported his vehicle stolen after leaving it running outside to warm up. Police located the vehicle and, after a K9 search, found the two individuals who had taken the vehicle. Both were arrested. 

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