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Banks officers' July police log: Vandalism, thefts and car accidents most common this month

- Officers received a call that a man was passed out or asleep in his car. Officers contacted the man, who became increasingly coherent as he woke up. Officers didn't detect any alcohol or drug impairment.

- A man stole the tip jar at Main Street Pizza when the employee wasn't looking.

- The driver of a vehicle ran into a cargo trailer in the parking lot of Jim's Thriftway. There was minor damage and no injuries.

- A bike was found behind the city's Log Cabin building.

- A resident of Northwest Maplecrest Way reported several of their yard lights broken. They suspect vandalism.

- Officers trespassed a man from the Sunset Speedway. He was going in and out of the speedway and drinking alcohol from a hidden backpack.

- A victim reported their car hit on Northwest Oak Way. The driver of the car responsible for the accident left without providing the appropriate information. A few minutes later, officers received a call about a car accident south of the city. The same driver who left the previous scene was involved in the crash. The driver was arrested for DUII and hit-and-run.

- A motorcycle license plate was stolen out of a garage on Northwest Maplecrest Way.

- A 5-year-old got stuck in the bathroom at the Banks-Vernonia Trailhead. Officers assisted, removing a window vent so the child could crawl out.

- A man under 21 ran out of Jim's Thriftway with beer when employees tried to contact him. He was arrested at his home and transported to the Washington County Jail.

- Officers amped up patrols on the Fourth of July holiday.

- Officers addressed 53 parking issues throughout the month and issued 32 citations.

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