What have Forest Grove Police Department officers been up to Aug. 6 through Aug. 12?

Aug. 6

- A woman called police while witnessing her car being broken into. Officers discovered it was the woman's husband who had locked himself out of the vehicle.

- An officer stopped a driver for failure to wear a seatbelt in front of the driver's home. Multiple friends and family members offered some colorful suggestions to the officer, who was not dissuaded and cited the driver anyway.

- A caller reported that she had been threatened by a woman with a knife at a local shop. Officers located the suspect who initially refused the order to drop the knife. The woman remained uncooperative, but officers were able to restrain and ultimately arrest the woman.

Aug. 7

- A caller reported that two individuals were seen painting swastikas on the ground in front of a local business. Officers are investigating.

- Officers followed up with a man seen shoeless and screaming at a busy intersection. The man explained that he was saddened by thoughts of long-lost love. Officers advised he work through his sadness at a lower decibel and move along from the location, which he did.

- A local church reported the theft of multiple hanging tapestries during a fundraiser.

Aug. 8

- Officers responded to a dispute between a landlord and tenant after one party allegedly stole the other's keys and the other admittedly retaliated by throwing a lantern. Officers issued a citation for menacing and both parties agreed to leave each other alone for the night.

- A father called to report his teenage daughter had taken the car without his permission, but clarified that he didn't want to report it as stolen so as to give her a chance to return it.

- A caller reported that the roads in their residential complex were being sealed, trapping residents in their homes. Police were unable to assist them in this matter and suggested residents contact complex management staff.

Aug. 9

- A citizen flagged down an officer simply to say hello and point out that the officer's tan was not as good as it was the year before.

- Officers checked on multiple individuals in the area who were reportedly showing signs of heat exhaustion.

- A man called police worried that his soon-to-be ex-wife might return to his home and steal his property.

Aug. 10

- A woman reported a dead cat in her yard. Officers arrived to dispose of the remains and found another deceased feline nearby. Both incidents appeared to have been caused by another animal.

- Officers stopped a vehicle seen driving erratically down Pacific Avenue. The driver showed no signs of impairment, but was cited for driving with a suspended license.

- Police intervened in an escalating fight between two women about a cell phone.

Aug. 11

- A driver phoned police to report a vehicle driving erratically down a major street. A night shift officer was on patrol when he saw a vehicle matching the same description speed past him at a busy intersection a short while later. The vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

- A caller reported a screaming match between a man and woman in the middle of the night. Officers were able to locate the individuals who denied the altercation and being with each other, admitting they both knew a non-contact order was in place.

- Police were called to remove an individual who had trashed and defecated behind a treatment center. Officers made the individual clean up the area and banned them from returning to the location.

Aug. 12

- A man called police because a woman was sitting on his car and wouldn't let him leave. The woman explained that she was upset because of their separation and that the man had a new significant other. Police encouraged both to separate for the night, which they did.

- A caller reported that a 'ding-dong-ditch' spree was underway in their neighborhood.

- Police responded to a location where a juvenile allegedly attempted to strike another child with a skateboard. Meanwhile, on a separate call, the suspect's mother was arrested for allegedly striking another person with her cane.

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