This week's reports include: a not-so-crazy ex-girlfriend, go-cart anger and fake cocaine.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 404 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Dec. 15

• A caller reported that a parent was using expired eye drops on their child.

• A woman reported that her ex-girlfriend was having a psychotic episode, seeing and hearing things. Officers contacted the girlfriend, who was fine — just convinced the ex had been unfaithful.

• Police responded to a location where two suspicious people were seen allegedly exchanging narcotics. On contact, the subjects were less than cordial to officers and begrudgingly agreed to leave the location and not return, which they did.

Saturday, Dec. 16

• Police received a report of a "shady-looking" man driving a suspicious cube-shaped van in a residential area. Officers located the vehicle; it was an Amazon delivery service.

• Officers assisted Cornelius police on an armed robbery at a lounge in Cornelius. Police canvassed the area for more information and performed several subject stops. A K-9 track was unsuccessful. Officers continue to investigate.

• A man called police when his bank refused to issue him cash he was attempting to withdraw. Officers learned the man had simply overdrawn his account and did not have the funds available.

Sunday, Dec. 17

• Police were called to a scene where a heated fight had reportedly broken out. Officers arrived and found a loud party underway with multiple minors in possession of alcohol. Several juveniles jumped off a balcony and ran off on police arrival.

• A senior care center reported a suspicious man laying in the parking lot. Officers contacted the man, who admitted to using methamphetamine, which was a violation of his probation. He was taken into custody.

• Officers responded to a residence where a man had struck his mother for not cleaning the garage sufficiently enough for him to build a go-cart. The man was arrested for assault.

Monday, Dec. 18

• Homeowners called police after they caught a woman stealing items out of their vehicle. On officer arrival, the woman was returning the property into the vehicle she took it from and described hearing voices and seeing signs that prompted her actions. Police believe the woman may have mental health issues; she was cited for theft and provided information for mental health services.

• A parent contacted police to report that a student showed classmates a plastic bag full of a white substance he claimed was cocaine. Officers contacted the student, who admitted that he was playing a prank.

• A caller reported someone throwing rocks at the back of his house. Officers determined that the sound was coming from a dog leash that was hanging on the wall and banging against the side of the building.

Tuesday, Dec. 19

• A local gas station reported that a customer attempted to pay for fuel using a fake bill.

• A business was scammed out several thousand dollars by an individual falsely claiming to be a vendor the business worked with. Officers are investigating.

• A caller reported hearing several gunshots on the east side of town. Officers found no suspicious activity, were unable to locate the source of the shots and received no other reports of the sound.

Wednesday, Dec. 20

• A local bar reported an individual was arguing with customers and had allegedly flashed a knife. Officers told the man to move along, and he was trespassed from the location.

• A caller reported that a package had been delivered to their address, but that the contents of the box had been stolen and the box left behind. Officers are investigating.

• Police received a report of multiple juveniles spray-painting poles along 19th Avenue. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Thursday, Dec. 21

• Police responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency in which the subject was inside her locked apartment. Officers arrived to hear a woman yelling for help and forced entry into the residence; medical services promptly took over.

• A caller reported a suspicious vehicle loitering near a house under construction in the middle of the night, as well as hearing gunshots, possible from a BB gun. Officers found multiple broken windows in two different houses with damage consistent from BBs. Officers are investigating.

• A bartender reported finding a male sleeping in a wheelchair inside the men's restroom at the location. On police contact, the man became uncooperative, but he was ultimately assisted out of the building and told to move along.

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