Why was school flag not flown on 9/11?

Today is Sept. 11 — a very sad and emotional day for most Americans, and in these troubling times a very important and relevant day in regard to this country’s youth.

I, as well as many others in our small community here in Gaston, were shocked and outraged that our elementary school was not only not flying our colors at half-mast, there was in fact no flag at all being displayed at the school. Further, I asked our children if 9/11 was discussed and the reply was simply “No.”

How will our children learn of honor, sacrifice and duty if the school blatantly disregards a premium opportunity to share the stories of bravery, courage and heroism?

If we forget the sacrifices that have been made, the lives that have been lost, and the reasons for all of it, then terror has won. Our children need to understand these principles and be educated in the meaning of things, such as flags being flown at half mast, and know why it is that way.

This whole situation is disgusting, and a slap in the face to those in our community who have served, continue to serve and take pride in our great nation.

When we asked the school’s principal, Yvonne Rauch, why the flag was not being displayed, she stated they forgot and it was not her responsibility. 

At the district office, when we asked them why the flag was not displayed, they stated that an email was sent to all personnel with instructions. They were stunned the flag was not being displayed. They were further stunned to learn 9/11 was not discussed, and that the Pledge of Allegiance was only recited once a week — on Tuesdays.

I don’t know whose fault all this is, but am appalled by today’s discoveries. I think, as do many others in our small town, that this matter requires some investigation.

Amy Wilson


Neighbors appreciated for offering helping hand

We have read all the articles carried in the newspaper about the family fire in Forest Grove on Sept. 11. We wanted to be sure everyone was thanked from the top of our hearts. So many neighbors, whether they knew them well or not, were there and are still there offering assistance in every way.

We, the American people, are — no matter what anyone says — an exceptional country. Not a city, county or state but a nation, and in time of need we still hold out a helping hand.

God bless all of you. These were our family members. Our names are unimportant; this is about the kids, and YOU.

Corky Barackman


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