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Flags, reflectors might save your life

I have been thinking about the man in black clothes in a black wheelchair on a dark street and the unfortunate driver who will never forget that fateful morning (“Wheelcair-bound man dies in crash,” News-Times, Nov. 22 issue).

Well, what should I encounter this morning? A black wheelchair with a person wearing dark clothing putting down 19th Avenue. Thank God it was broad daylight and I was driving 20 mph, or the scenario would have been repeated.

I encountered this individual at a local assisted living center and informed him he is “invisible” in the street.

He said: “Too bad.”

I said: “You are going to get hit.”

He said: “Too bad.”

OK, everyone has personal choice, but come on!

You folks driving around in your wheelchairs, how about a flag and a reflector? It will save your life.

Lynn Steeves

Forest Grove

Candidate promises to hold Metro accountable

My name is Jeremiah Johnson, and I am a candidate for Metro president.

Part of my candidacy platform is to once and for all rein in TriMet. Metro has suddenly had a handful of press releases declaring how to make TriMet a better agency. The two biggest ones are plans to finally improve west side service and to form a volunteer citizen oversight committee of appointed applicants. They have been asked and have said they have had plans to improve west side service for 30 years, and other than the blue line MAX to Hillsboro, little has actually been done.

We know from the failure of past citizen oversight committees that they simply do not work. They do studies and give input, but have no power and are often ignored outright, while still being a talking point for those in power to make you feel like you have a voice when you do not.

I still propose a complete overhaul of TriMet. The corruption is still there and there is no guarantee that any oversight committee will make any improvements. Don’t fall for empty promises and sleight of hand. Whether you vote for me in May or not, remember to hold Metro accountable for actually improving TriMet as an agency. They have their own legal code, their own police, and they are supported by taxes, yet they are a private corporation with no elected representation.

The most dangerous point is, the committee will be appointed by Metro itself, meaning they will cherry-pick those who will make the fewest waves and agree with the council and tell everyone they are doing a good job.

Jeremiah Johnson


Contract Publishing

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