We can support Bob Terry with confidence

Those of us who live in Washington County’s Commissioner District No. 4 have a great opportunity: We can vote to return Bob Terry to his position as commissioner.

Bob is the incumbent, and has proven over the four years of his first term that he has earned a second term. Voters know what they will get, because he has shown us for four years.

Bob understands the complex issues that face voters in this huge district because he lives them himself: he is a farmer, a businessman, a devoted citizen, a longtime neighbor.

He has served Washington County in countless volunteer and civic capacities. He is fiscally prudent and responsible. He balances all sides of every issue, with thoughtful responses. Above all, Bob Terry is accessible. Bob is the one we can all support with confidence, knowing he will continue to represent what is best for his district — not just a narrowly focused special interest elitist group.

Washington County needs and deserves the best: Bob Terry.

Joan H. Smith


Speed limit at intersection needs to be changed

Protecting the citizens of Forest Grove and the visitors who enter our city should be one of the first priorities of the government of our fine city. 

I would like to suggest that the speed limit at the intersection of Highway 47 and Perdin/Verboort Road be lowered. I would imagine there is enough money in the budget for four signs: two warning that the speed limit is about to change and two stating it has changed.

Thank you for reading my letter and your vast concern to the well-being and senseless deaths of our fellow citizens.

Tammera Bush


Terry, Duyck are standing up for the county’s farmers

Robert Bailey’s column (“Commentary sought to paint group as ‘extremist,’” News-Times, April 9 issue) is a carefully crafted column to try to: 1) Make it look as though Save Helvetia does support country events, and 2) Attack and discredit me, which is typical of someone who can’t support their argument.

He asks you to read their paper and although it may sound as if they support farmers, what it does in practice is actually disallow events. So I also encourage you to read their paper, though I will help you understand and decipher it: .

1) The recommendations begin on Page 7. Recommendations No. 1 and No. 15 say there needs to be a “good neighbor” agreement with all neighbors within one mile of the event, otherwise it cannot be held. Who in the world could get everyone in a mile to agree with an event? This recommendation itself would shut down all weddings.

2) Recommendation No. 3 puts limits on events May through September. They limit it to at most once a month and not on Sundays, so even though agri-tourism allows more it would severely limit weddings in the summer, but allow as many as you want in the winter?

3) Recommendation No. 4 says amplification outside of structures should not be allowed. Since agri-tourism permits do not allow structures to be built and weddings do want music, this would eliminate all weddings.

Not once did I say anyone was an extremist; simply that they did not want country events and did not support farmers. Robert Bailey also tries to discredit me by painting me as partisan. Just because I support someone makes me partisan? He also tries to paint me as partisan because of what he describes as attacks on his candidates. I suppose under this logic he too is partisan.

Now as far as my support, yes, I do support Andy Duyck and Bob Terry, not because of “party,” but because they are trying to help farmers gain a bit more income off their land. As mentioned, I own a park, and agri-tourism would allow more competition with me, but I support our farmers.

And one last thing, if Save Helvetia, Elizabeth Furse and Allen Amabisca were really for the farmers, then why are both the State Farm Bureau and Washington County Farm Bureau supporting Andy Duyck and Bob Terry and not them?

Bob Horning

North Plains

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