Score a win for the bullies of the world

Today, Aug. 1, is the day Dream Girls Espresso closes in Forest Grove. And with that, you can officially score another win for the bullies of the world.

It’s sad that more and more, you see the minority fringe get their way by using tactics like harassment and intimidation. In this case, a handful of people have taken it upon themselves to decide what is morally acceptable for the rest of us. They harassed the landlord of Dream Girls until he agreed to evict a completely legal and legitimate business.

I have a simple solution for the people offended by this business: Don’t go there. Problem solved. And if the rest of the city feels the same way, then places like Dream Girls wouldn’t stay open long because they wouldn’t make any money.

I want to know how anyone thinks they get to decide what is OK morally for the rest of us. Because scantily-clad women serving coffee do not offend me. What does offend me are the self-righteous bullies allowed to harass someone out of business, and people like the landlord in this case who won’t stand up to them.

Mike Davis

Forest Grove

Yes, there are still angels among us

I turned on my TV and heard: “Once you have been hit by the flu, get in bed and cancel your daily run. There is some evidence that pushing yourself can depress your immune system and slow recovery,” said Dr. Nieman.

A new study has found that running for five or 10 minutes a day is good for your heart and could lower your risk of dying.

I turned off my TV, wondering if a study had ever been done to determine whether or not there were angels present on our planet Earth.

Recently, I had a doctor’s appointment in Hillsboro. I’ve seen this doctor many times and knew the way. But the closer I got to Hillsboro, the road restructuring was very distracting, with open ditches, machines piling up muddy dirt, traffic redirected and noise from the machines very deafening. Things looked so unfamiliar that I thought maybe I had gone past my doctor’s office. I turned around and could soon see this was a mistake.

I turned off the main road and flagged a car down. A woman came over to my car and I asked her, “Could you direct me to this doctor’s office?” After giving me explicit instructions, she could tell by the look on my face that I was confused. She spoke with her husband and then said to me, “My husband and I will take you to your doctor’s office.” I followed their shiny blue car until we arrived at our destination. The husband opened my car door, extended his strong arm and escorted me into the doctor’s office.

Now maybe there has never been a study done to discern if angels are present on planet Earth, but I know for a fact they are here, because I met two of them.

Lois Akerson

Forest Grove

Resident has nothing to hide from police

Not long after the police stopped harassing us, someone from 911 called our home phone and told me someone from our address had just called 911 and then had hung up on them. That was not true at all. So I called my phone company, and they said that is pretty serious and to leave my phone off the hook right away. Within a few hours, I had our phone disconnected.

Well, I just read that this is a practice of some police departments. I quote from the Washington Post: “Several police officers in Durham, N.C., reportedly got into homes and searched them by telling residents police had received 911 hang-up calls from their addresses, according to news reports. The tactic, a way around the requirement to get a warrant to search a home, was described in court by a Durham officer identified as A.B. Beck.”

We had also been having a lot of problems with our phone for several months. We had background noises such as loud buzzing, echoes, loud humming, static, etc. We had called the phone company several times about this and it was never fixed. What was aggravating about this was the fact that we could hardly hear the person on the other end.

I had always let the police go through our house and/or offered to allow them to do so. I had nothing to hide. Never have and never will.

Martha Neils

Forest Grove

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