Writers support Hayes, Ingram, Waterman for Forest Grove School Board

Teachers' union endorses Hayes and Ingram in school board race

The Forest Grove Education Association Recommends John Hayes and Valyrie Ingram for Forest Grove School Board.

As members of the Forest Grove School Board, they'll promote respect for educators and will stand up for our rights and our students.

Position 1 — John Hayes is committed to funding public education and advocating on our students' behalf in Salem, in the county and community and will gather input from all education stakeholders.

Position 2 — Valyrie Ingram will fight for true education funding and will champion for teaching the whole child. Val understands many of our issues such as the over-emphasis on testing.

This letter was signed by Jeff Matsumoto and Marcia Andrew Camacho, co-presidents of the Forest Grove Education Association, the local teacher's union made up of 360 certified teachers, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, school nurses and psychologists employed by the Forest Grove School District. The FGEA did not endorse a candidate in Postion 3, Matsumoto said, because its interview team was "deadlocked, literally" over the candidacies of Mark Everett and Lonnie Winkler.

Waterman an 'exceptional' school board member

I have known Charless Waterman for six years. Her daughter has been a student of mine during this time. I have experienced her willingness to volunteer and jump into any situation. She continues to be generous with her time, even when her daughter is not involved. Her number one concern is always the children. She is very dedicated, honest and reliable.

Although her daughter is graduating, she continues to dedicate her time to ensure all children have the opportunity to succeed. I have every confidence that Charless can continue to be an exceptional member of the Forest Grove School Board.

Patty Petersen


Hayes 'most active member' of school board

I write in support of John Hayes' re-election to the Forest Grove School Board.

Two adages come to mind when considering who to support in an election. The first is '80 percent of life is showing up.' John has been the most active member of our school board in recent memory. He sought a position on a state task force with the goal of increasing funding to our schools and he made countless trips to Salem to advocate for our students and teachers over the past five years. One might wonder if he has a passion for meetings.

The second adage is 'past performance is the best indicator of future performance.' Leveraging his lifetime of experience in education, administration and budget management, John is credited with securing an additional $1 million dollars/year for special education students and championing important changes such as restoring full-time music faculty at the high school, expanding soccer programs at Neil Armstrong Middle School through a partnership with Pacific University, pushing for restorative discipline to improve school climate and reduce suspensions/expulsions, and helping secure funding for LED lighting at the stadium to reduce energy costs.

We need John Hayes' proven leadership on the school board.

Jon Stagnitti

Forest Grove

Hayes' service 'exemplary' on FG school board

I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for John Hayes for Position 1 on the Forest Grove School Board. I was on the school board and served as chair, giving me first-hand experience with what is required to be an effective leader. John's service has been exemplary over the last five years.

Having served as a representative to the state Legislature, I want to underscore the importance of John's advocacy at the state level. I'm confident that no one on the school board in recent history has stepped up the way he has to advocate for more funding for schools. He applied and got appointed to the Governor's Task Force on School Funding. Using that position, he gave testimony to the legislature that resulted in doubling the high-cost disability fund. With Forest Grove being the recipient of more money per capita than any of the state's other districts, this has provided a welcome boost to the district's budget.

John is also the founder of the Washington County school boards advocacy group. The group held its first meeting with the county's 19 legislators and its seven school boards in January 2013 in Forest Grove, and these meetings have continued each winter since.

John's tireless advocacy for schools, including more than 20 trips to Salem, is needed now more than ever. Please join me in re-electing John Hayes to the school board.

Ralph Brown


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