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Brought to you by Victoria Webster, owner of Tory's Place, FASHION INSIDER in Forest Grove


I’m excited about this first monthly column on fashion. I cut my teeth on fashion in the 1990s working for Nordstrom, and have always had the idea that a few helpful tips can make it easier to look great! Also, it shouldn’t cost a fortune to look fabulous for less and getting the most out of your wardrobe dollars. So let’s talk about spring fashion with Capri Pants, and how to wear them.

“Capri Pants” have a hem from one to several inches below the knee. They typically come down to between knee and mid-calf, almost to the ankle. They are meant to be worn in warm weather, and are a fun, chic, but still casual alternative to shorts.

The name “Capri Pants” originates from the Italian Isle of Capri, due to the influence of Princess Grace Kelly, who wore this style of pants while vacationing on the island. Capri pants subsequently gained popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the United States because of the movie star’s influence and many 1960s television shows.

Capris show off more of the leg than ankle-length pants, so if you want to show off your calves, capris are the way to go. If you don’t wish to highlight your calves, opt for ankle length. The most flattering length is one that ends at the narrowest part of your leg. For capris, this is above the swell of the calf; for ankle, this is above the ankle. Either way, avoid pants that end midway, at the widest part of your calf. Keep in mind that cuffs and pleats are usually best avoided. Cuffs make the leg look shorter. Wear cuffs only if you have long legs. Pleats create the appearance of a larger midriff, which most people want to avoid!

In order to get the most out of your pants, you want to have the right shoes on hand. In cooler weather, flats or loafers are a good shoe option, and as the weather warms up bring out your sandals, wedges, or sling backs (yes, lots of options!). Remember, it's never "in fashion" to wear Capris with any type of nylons, and socks almost always look out of sync as well.

The difference between Capris and an ankle length pants is subtle. The key here is that the hem is at ankle length, allowing the entire bridge of the foot to be shown but not exposing any of the calf. You can go a bit higher than this and still be in ankle-length territory as long as the hem is no higher than the narrow part of the lower calf.

The choices of hem lengths and the rules for wearing them are loosely written and broader than ever. The best choice is the one that makes you feel most comfortable and shows off your body type to its best advantage. Choose the style that makes you smile the most when you look into a mirror!


2015 19th AVENUE




Brought to you by Barb Colter, Practice Administrator for Maple Street Clinic, HEALTH CARE INSIDER in Forest Grove


Maple Street Clinic, located at 1825 Maple Street in Forest Grove, is a physician-owned, family practice medical clinic that has expertly served the community since 1964. 

“We specialize in patient care for those 2 years of age and older,” said Barb Colter, practice administrator at Maple Street Clinic.

Three highly experienced doctors base their practices out of Maple Street Clinic: Douglas Holmes, D.O; Roger Reynolds, D.O.; and Conley Lynch, M.D. Two dedicated physician assistant ~ Joy Gephart and Nell Rafalovich ~ round out the provider roster.

Tragedy hit about a year ago, when beloved PA Michelle Stewart passed away suddenly.

“Mickey had a very loyal patient base. We knew it would take a special provider to fill the void created by her absence.” Colter reflected. “Since joining our team in September, Nell Rafalovich has far surpassed our expectations.”

Colter, who came to Maple Street Clinic last December, has been in health care administration for more than 10 years. Previously, she served as Director of Pacific University’s College of Optometry. Throughout her career in health care, assuring patients are taken care of has been Colter’s passion.

“My goal at Maple Street Clinic is to achieve the very highest level of patient satisfaction and to make certain our clinic and providers are well-known throughout the community,” Colter said. “We are working to make the facilities shine as the excellence-center we strive to be.”

To contact Maple Street Clinic, call 503-357-2136.



FOREST GROVE, OREGON 97116 503.357.2136


Brought to you by Nathan Boyd, owner of The Gym, FITNESS INSIDER in Forest Grove.


We all started somewhere. This can be said in almost any walk of life, particularly working out. It does not matter how old you are or where you are at in life, you can start. The benefits of physical activity will always help.

This leads us to the question, how do you get started? First, if and when you have the inclination to workout, act on it. Acting on it may be as simple as getting up and walking. It may be doing a few pushups a day. Or it may even be summoning the courage to walk through the door of a workout facility. Anything is great because that means you just took the first step to doing something you weren’t doing before.

Second, keep pushing when the going gets rough. On those days when you just don’t feel like doing your workout, those are the days your body needs it the most. The physical activity will promote circulation, delivering fantastic nutrients and oxygen through your body, helping you revitalize and energize.

Third, by joining a workout facility, you are joining a club of peers that have already or are in the process of “starting somewhere.” You’re not alone in this.

As always, it is in your hands and you have the ability to make the changes you want. The tools are out there waiting for you when you’re ready. It’s never too late, and it can always help. Keep exercising and stay strong, my friends.






Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield, owners, John L. Scott Market Center, REAL ESTATE INSIDERS in Forest Grove


There are many components to making sure a real estate transaction closes ~ in a timely manner and with as few surprises as possible. But how can a buyer or seller help to control this?

The truth is, you can't ~ at least not completely. However, there are a few decisions you can make to be sure you are fully prepared from day one. In the current fast-paced, low-inventory market, one key to a successful real estate transaction will be the person who is guiding you: your agent. If you don't already have a trusted agent you work with, it’s a good idea to make sure you and your agent have common goals in mind. 

Your agent should be able to communicate with you and all parties involved effectively and in a professional, timely manner. He or she should have creative negotiation skills, knowledge of your market, and be fully understanding of your expectations as a client. 

Just asking a few basic questions can ensure you have found the right agent: What’s the average selling price in my neighborhood? Can you explain the buying/selling process to me? Is there anything you do for your clients that might be different from other agents?

There is no guarantee of a perfect transaction, even with the most qualified agents. But taking a little extra time to interview your agent could make a huge difference in whether your experience with buying or selling a home is an enjoyable one.






Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, owner of Hybrid Heating & Cooling, HEATING AND COOLING Insider in Cornelius


If your commercial building is operating with an outdated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you may have noticed that your building is not operating as efficiently as it could be. Here are the top reasons why you should consider upgrading your existing HVAC equipment.

1) Efficiency. Commercial buildings use a lot of energy, and that accounts for a large portion of your company’s electricity bill. A new system can easily make up the initial cost of the system when you factor in the rising costs of energy, and this is one of the simplest ways to save money and bolster your bottom line.

2) Increased comfort. Looking for consistent temperatures, humidity control, or better air quality? A new system will do all of these things for you.

3) Equipment is under warranty. Our heating and cooling systems come with warranties that allow you to make repairs if needed ~ rather than having to come up with hefty repair costs later.

Your new commercial HVAC system is built to withstand all sorts of Northwest weather ~ extreme heat during the summer and chilly winter days. No matter what the temperature is outside, a new system will keep you comfortable inside and give you the reliability, energy efficiency, and comfort you want and need.

Our talented and experienced sales team is ready to help you decide which system is right for you and your budget. Call to make an appointment for us to come out and take a look!






Brought to you by Holly Witte of A Blooming Hill Winery, WINE INSIDER


What exactly does a mineral from the Earth taste like, anyway? I ask myself this every time I hear another wine critic talk about minerality in the wine. We know what they mean: it tastes bright and crisp, maybe a little sharp … but there seems to be a need to be a little out there in writing descriptions.

Our first experience with this was a sensational review of our 2008 Pinot Noir in Burghound, a very well respected publication all about Burgundies. We were so pleased, but a little puzzled with the ending: “A very pretty nose combines notes of red cherry, raspberry, and a hint of cranberry … good mid-palate concentration with fine volume … mildly somber finish that avoids any hint of austerity.” That was good, right, because it avoided the austerity.

But somber? Austere? Was this a wine review or a preview of an Agatha Christie mystery on public television?

It made us pay attention to some of the more florid descriptions. Like this review in a recent Wine Spectator: “An appealing hint of barnyard graces the black cherry and mineral flavors in this beefy red …” I don’t know about barnyards and beef in my wine.

The next time you’re in our Tasting Room, ask to see the great book we carry, The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert. That plus a thesauraus, and you, too, can be a wine reviewer.

Join our Wine Club and come to our Wine School. Next class is on Reislings.

A Blooming Hill Vineyard & Winery

5195 S.W. Hergert Road

Cornelius, Oregon 97113



Brought to you by JANET PETERS, owner, Janet Peters Allstate Insurance, INSURANCE Insider


Whether it's a wedding, a baby shower or your parents' 50th anniversary party, HYPERLINK "www.allstate.com/tools-and-resources/event-insurance/what-is-special-event-insurance.aspx" special events can take a lot of time, energy, and money to arrange. And while you're sure you've thought of every last detail, what happens if your event doesn't go off without a hitch?

If Uncle Ed doesn't just shake a leg but breaks one getting to the dance floor, what do you do? Or what if the DJ damages a door frame carrying equipment in and out, and the venue wants you to pay for repairs? Should you be found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your celebration, event liability coverage may help protect you.

Event liability coverage is typically valid for the day of the event, but you may want to make sure you have a policy in place at least a day prior to the event. Coverage is usually available for private events, such as weddings, anniversary parties, baby showers, birthday parties, housewarmings, and retirement parties.

If an event will be held at your home, review your HYPERLINK "www.allstate.com/tools-and-resources/home-insurance/what-does-home-liability-cover.aspx" homeowners policy's liability coverage to see what is included in your coverage. While you may wonder what could possibly happen during a baby shower in your backyard, if your cousin trips on a broken step, you may be on the hook for the hospital bills for her broken ankle.

Hopefully your event goes exactly as planned, but event liability insurance may help protect you should something unfortunate detract from your celebration.


1951 Oak Street Suite B

Forest Grove, Oreogn


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brought to you by Michael Doherty, owner, Doherty Ford, AUTOMOTIVE Insider


Your tires are literally where the rubber meets the road when you are driving your car or truck. And for that reason, it’s critical to keep those tires properly maintained and correctly inflated.

Tires are not only a huge factor in safe driving, there is also a financial aspect to consider. Keeping the correct tire pressure increases fuel efficiency, saving you dollars at the gas pump.

“If your tires are under-inflated, you can have 25 percent reduced fuel economy because it increases your rolling resistance,” said Jeff Thatcher, service manager at Doherty Ford. “And if you are running with over-inflated tires, you’ll get uneven tire wear, reducing the life of the tire.”

In rainy conditions, the more tread depth a tire has, the more water it can displace. An interesting fact to keep in mind is that a standard tire can displace as much as 3.9 gallons of water per second, thereby keeping your car from hydroplaning.

Bald tires are bad news too, as without sufficient tread for added protection, even a small rock could potentially puncture your tire.

Tire rotation ~ generally every 5,000 to 7,500 miles ~ is also vital.

“Rotation is important to equalize wear,” Jeff said, adding that he advises making sure vehicles are properly aligned and steering components are in good condition. “When you bring your vehicle in to Doherty Ford for routine maintenance, these are items we check to make sure you are optimizing your tires and the life of your vehicle.”


4223 Pacific Avenue

Forest Grove, Oregon 97116



Brought to you by Scott Palmer, director of Bag&Baggage Theater Company, THEATER INSIDER in Hillsboro


Bag&Baggage recently announced our ninth season of work, our final season at the historic Venetian Theatre before moving into our brand new home in downtown Hillsboro. Our ninth season continues the company’s long history of presenting classic works of American and English drama in new and innovative ways, challenging our audiences to experience the greatest works of drama with a fresh, provocative perspective.

The season begins outdoors at the Tom Hughes Civic Center Plaza in July with an all-female production of Shakespeare’s searing tale of political intrigue and vengeance, Coriolanus. Seemingly ripped from today’s headlines, Coriolanus is a remarkably contemporary story of intrigue, spin-doctors, and divided politics.

In September 2016, we head back to the Venetian for one of the most iconic tales from America’s turbulent 1960s, The Graduate. Made famous by Dustin Hoffman in the 1967 film, The Graduate tells the story of a young man’s first ~ and disastrous ~ romantic entanglement with the much older, and much more experienced, Mrs. Robinson.

In October, we present a chilling tale of murder in the Pacific Northwest premiere of The Drowning Girls. A perfect Halloween show, The Drowning Girls is as much a story of murder as it is a story of redemption and is based on the horrific “Brides In the Bath” murders in England at the turn of the century.

In December, B&B presents a charming, family-friendly romantic comedy for Christmas, Parfumerie. This is the play that inspired a trio of popular films, including The Shop Around the Corner; In the Good Old Summertime; and You’ve Got Mail. Set in Budapest during Christmas in the 1930s, Parfumerie is an old-fashioned, heartwarming love story filled with the Christmas spirit.

In March of 2017, we present another Pacific Northwest Premiere, Brontë, by Polly Teale. This play examines the rich personal lives of three of Western literature’s most important figures; Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë. The final show of the 2016-17 season has been called “the funniest farce ever written,” and is the perfect vehicle for B&B’s unique brand of physical comedy; Michael Frayn’s Noises Off.

The 16-17 Season is filled with powerful stories of love, betrayal, passion, and humor. We invite our neighbors from throughout Washington County to join us for our final season at The Venetian Theatre by becoming a season subscriber. Information on season tickets, and more details about the season, can be found online at bagnbaggage.org. 


253 E. Main Street

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123



Brought to you by Brandon & Malinda Kearbey of Dentists at Orenco Station, DENTAL HEALTH INSIDERS


Dental care and teeth used to be viewed primarily as an isolated system in your body, and almost as an elective or aesthetic procedure only. We now know that oral health is a “window into the health of the rest of your body.” The condition of your teeth and gums can and do affect your overall health on many levels.

“Oral health is extremely important,” said Brandon Kearbey, D.D.S. at Dentists at Orenco Station. “More studies keep coming out as to how dental health can affect all the systems of the body. One condition in particular that is consistently linked with overall health is periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Many times patients don’t even know they have periodontal disease.”

Symptoms of periodontal disease can range from simple inflammation and bleeding of the gums to chronic bad breath to much more advanced symptoms, including loose teeth.

The bacteria that causes periodontal disease can spread and grow below the gum line. From there, the bacteria can get into the bloodstream, possibly creating or contributing to serious health problems in other parts of your body. Periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Indeed, people with periodontal disease are twice as likely to have heart disease ~ the leading killer of men and women in the United States.

Dentists generally recommend having dental checkups and cleanings twice a year because good oral health is not only an investment in your smile, but also an investment in your entire body.


1322 N.E. Oreonco Station Parkway, Suite 300

Hillsboro, Oregon 97124




Brought to you by Todd Barth of Home Instead Senior Care, SENIOR CARE INSIDER


Research conducted by Home Instead, Inc., indicates that as the number of prescription medications a senior takes increases, so do that senior’s potential health risks.

Nearly 20 percent of seniors surveyed taking five or more prescription medications have reportedly experienced challenges in managing their medication regimen ~ including keeping track of which medications they have taken and when. Making a mistake when taking medications can have devastating effects. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reports that 100,000 older adults end up in the hospital each year because of an adverse drug event.

“We take medication administration very seriously. Our goal at Home Instead is to give the community and our clients resources and educational opportunities to remain safe in their homes,” said Todd Barth, owner of Hillsboro’s Home Instead franchise. “Sometimes seniors think they are being diligent in consistently taking their medication, but in reality they get sidetracked and forget. Depending on the medication, this could seriously cause a health challenge or death.”

To provide families with resources to help identify potential pitfalls regarding medications for seniors, the Home Instead Senior Care network has introduced “Let’s Talk about Rx.”

Upcoming forums: April 6: 3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Tips on Parkinson's, Avamere Retirement Community/Parkinson Support Group, 2400 Gable Rd., St. Helen's; April 9: 2 p.m.-3 p.m. Let's Talk About RX, Rosewood Park Retirement Community, 2405 S.E. Century Blvd., Hillsboro; April 19: 9:30 a.m.-Noon Fraud, Scams and Safe Medication Disposal, Calvary Lutheran Church, 58251 S. Division Rd., St. Helen’s. RSVP, 503-203-6724.



1400 N.E. 48th Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon 97124


Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield of John L. Scott Market Center, REAL ESTATE INSIDERS


The most common question I have been hearing lately is whether or not we are in another housing bubble. I hear people saying it is 2006 all over again. And if you are only taking notice of the rise of home prices, I can see the concern.

However, in the peak of the market a decade ago, remember that borrowers were able to obtain a loan with credit scores of 500 and sometimes below. Some homeowners were able to refinance up to 125% of their value. You could get a home for zero down using the 80/20 loan. And when debt-to-income ratios limited buyers from home ownership, there were interest-only and negative amortization loans. The concept was “get into the home now, and when the value rises in three years, just refinance.”

Today, rates are low, allowing borrowers to spend more. Inventory is low, which allows sellers to list for more almost every time a home in their neighborhood sells. Lending requirements have relaxed a little, but borrowers still have to prove their income and borrow within their means to repay.

At some point, we will see a market correction, and that will likely begin with rate increases. But the majority of homeowners will be settled in with great rates and 30-year fixed mortgages. Even if values go down for a period of time, people will still be able to afford their homes and wait for the values to go up again.


1936 Pacific Avenue

Forest Grove, Oregon 97116



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