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NATURE'S PET MARKET - Karen SottileFor most pets, Independence Day is not a time of celebration. The fireworks that humans enjoy can drive pets into a state of panic. Shelters are often full to capacity in the days following the Fourth of July.

The explosions (even miles away) of fireworks, the high-pitched scream of rockets climbing into the sky, flashes of light— any or all of these things can be overwhelming for pets.

Keep cats and dogs indoors, even pets who are normally indoor-outdoor pets. Keep windows closed and don't depend on screen doors to keep your buddy inside. Panicked animals can bust through.

One of the products that can really help is a ThunderShirt, which wraps around your pet to calm him, much like a hug.

Calming treats are also helpful. Here at Nature's Pet, we carry a couple of types:

- Herbal treats that contain valerian and chamomile

- Chemical compounds that contain ingredients found in mother's milk.

- Cannabis dog treats, which can help relax your pet.

Calming treats should be administered beginning a day or two prior to fireworks, to have a cumulative effect.

Make sure your pet has a well-fitting collar and a tag with your name and phone number. If your pet has an identifying chip under its skin, make sure your contact information is updated.

Things you can do - turn your TV on to disguise the noise of fireworks. For dogs, have their favorite treat at the ready. When a firework goes off, toss them a piece.

Happy (calm) Fourth!

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