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PDX OASIS SENIOR ADVISORS - Seth Dickinson and Breanna NickilaWhen is the right time to transition to an Assisted Living community? When is staying at home no longer the best option? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Here is a checklist of questions you should ask when contemplating this difficult decision:


Has your loved one fallen in their home, or do they have a fear of falling?

Do they have difficulties getting out of a chair?

Do they experience shortness of breath performing normal activities?


Do they frequently miss doses?

Do they know what to do if they miss a dose?

Do they know what their medications are for?

Mood, Memory, Mental State

Do they sleep a lot or nap frequently?

Do they spend days without leaving the house?

Do they use "evasive" talk, such as using "he" or "she" versus a name

Activities of Daily Living

Do they have difficulties with bathing, dressing, using the toilet or walking?

Do they often wear the same outfit for several days?

Do they often have body odor?

Here at OASIS Senior Advisors, we work hand-in-hand with seniors and their loved ones to locate senior living options that are a great "fit," including Assisted Living and Memory Care.

We meet personally to discuss your needs, everything from lifestyle to budget. We are well-versed in amenities, availability and activities for all types of senior living communities.

Contact OASIS Senior Living Advisors today. We do the research and legwork to help you find the best place for the next stage of life.

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