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NATURE'S PET MARKET - Karen SottileFrom your doorstep to the dinner table, pumpkins are everywhere this time of year. And you're not the only one that enjoys them: Your cats and dogs do too! Lots of pets find pumpkin to be delicious, making it a great treat for them. And not only will your pet enjoy the taste of pumpkin, pumpkin carries a number of great digestive benefits that make it one of the best foods you can introduce to your pet's diet.

For starters, pumpkin is a great source of soluble fiber. So if you're introducing new foods into your pet's diet, adding a little pumpkin can help ease upset stomachs by absorbing water and slowing digestion. Whether you're looking for canned pumpkin products or pumpkin flavored treats, we have both available at Nature's Pet Market.

Alternatively, the high fiber content of pumpkin can also help with hairballs in cats and constipation in cats and dogs. We have Firm Up!, a dehydrated pumpkin supplement, available to help support your dog or cat's digestive tract. Firm Up! quickly and effectively supports stool consistency and helps maintain proper digestive and normal bowel function in your cat or dog.

Finally, if you're looking for ways to keep your pet from packing on the holiday pounds, pumpkin products are an excellent addition to their diet. The high fiber content of pumpkin will help your pet feel full sooner when eat, and stay full longer. Plus your pet will love the taste!

To explore all of our great pumpkin products, visit us at Nature's Pet Market today!

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