True Beauty...

To all the women in the audience. Recently I had the honor of being selected as City Sponsor for Beta Sigma Phi. In return I would like to praise their work in our community and their countless acts of service and charity worldwide. At Beta Sigma Phi they live by the creed that the only right we have is the right to be useful, to be kind and friendly and helpful to our fellow beings and renounce selfishness.

The first great lesson of their sisterhood is love-that love which makes us slow to expose a fault, and eager to find and believe the true and the good. Pledging oneself to beauty and loveliness, learning that the essence of true beauty is truth itself.

Philosophies that we all can adopt, to be sure, and tempered with the virtues of courage, vision, humility, loyalty, friendship and service are standards worthy of our best aspirations.

It has been an honor to be associated with an organization that holds to such high values and I look forward to seeing the great things they do for our community and beyond. If you would like more information regarding local Beta Sigma Phi chapters, please visit www.betasigmaphi.org. You’ll be glad you did!

No one left behind...

We have heard this saying many times, mostly in movies, but we imagine it’s true among our elite fighting men and women who risk their lives for strangers that call this great country home. But as the Shubert family embarked on the quest to find just one, there were so many that they “left behind”. Their stories, each as endearing as the next, all so worthy of recognition and honor, to pick just one was a tremendous heart wrenching task, to say the least.

So, to honor just a few more, here’s some excerpts from the stories submitted for our “Love A Vet” event this past Monday.

“Justin is an awesome young man. While serving several terms in Iraq/Afghanistan he missed the birth of at least one of his children. When he did get out of the service, he became a Portland Police Officer. Leaving one war for another, never thinking of himself but only of protecting his family and those in need. Justin is truly our hero…”

“Ryan has served in the Army National Guard for 13 years. He was active duty for two tours in Iraq, the first one beginning four weeks after his marriage. He is an incredibly hard-working young man maintaining full-time employment, working on an MBA, continuing his Army training as an officer and devoting himself to his wife and two adorable children. In all that he does, he strives for excellence and providing the best future for his wife and children.” Another true hero. Thank you for your service, Ryan.

We wish we could mention them all, and they are all deserving of recognition, but here’s to all our heroes that have sacrificed so much. Thank You!

The Pancakes Are Free - The Freedoms Are Priceless!!

First of all – Happy Valentine’s Day from the “Dealer With a Heart” – we are all about this Holiday! We LOVE our customers, our community and our country and are so thankful to those that have served to protect all the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. So, on President’s Day – as a way to celebrate these two very special Holidays, we are having a FREE Pancake Breakfast on Monday – February 16th at 9:00 a.m. til we run out of folks to serve!!

This is our small way of saying thank you and we love you!! What says love more than a Pancake?….So, bring the whole family, yes call Grandma and Grandpa too – they love pancakes!! Bring the Boy Scout Troop (and the Girl Scouts too)! Pick up the neighbors on the way… the kids are out of school and we will make cooking breakfast as easy as “Pancakes Please!”

We will have the Flags up to celebrate President’s Day – our special Guests of Honor will be anyone who has served in the Military – you are our heroes! As we have mentioned earlier we will be concluding our “Love A Vet” promotion and will be joining the Schubert Family as they give a car to a deserving Veteran.

P.S. Ford Motor Company’s Presidents Day Sale is in full swing – they have really surprised us with some wonderful incentives - not as good as pancakes but lots of money!!

Here's What's Up!

Keeping informed about what’s going on in our community is vital to keeping us strong and healthy. And here’s a brand new way to do just that. Gresham Strong is a weekly public affairs TV show spotlighting the things that make the Gresham region a more vibrant and prosperous community. It features interviews with the people behind East County businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, art and community events, governments and civic groups that are helping make Gresham Strong. Could Gresham and East County soon see its very own Parks and Recreation special district? Have you heard about the youngest city council member ever elected in Troutdale? Try Local First for realty? These are some of the topics that will be covered. Tune in Tuesday evenings at 7pm on Comcast 21/Frontier 32.

Our “Love A Vet” program is going strong! Have you submitted your story yet? Go to www.thefishportland.com or www.greshamford.com to see the rules and qualifications and to submit your story. A Veteran’s story will be chosen on February 12th so get those stories in! The 2012 Ford Focus will be presented to the chosen Veteran on Presidents Day, February 16th at 9am at Gresham Ford. Come and celebrate with us and enjoy a FREE pancake breakfast as well. We are so excited to be a part of this! You won’t want to miss it!

Nominate: "Love A Vet"

Fifteen year old Trenton and his family want to “do something good for someone who has served and sacrificed for us” so they are seeking nominations for a Veteran to receive a Ford Focus SEL, absolutely free. If you know of a vet that would be blessed by receiving a free car, simply nominate them by going to the “Love a Vet” section at www.GreshamFord.com.

Tell us their story of service to our nation, what their life is like since returning home and

why the gift of this car would be a blessing to them. All honorably discharged members of any branch of the military and from any era are eligible.

Nominations should be 200 words or less and must be received by 5pm on Thursday, February 12, 2015. Stories may be broadcast on the Salem Communications radio stations in Portland (93.9 KPDQ FM, 800AM and 104.1 FM the Fish). Only their first names will be used and their identities protected.

The vehicle is a 2012 Ford Focus SEL with an automatic transmission, Ford Extended Service Protection warranty and free Maintenance Care agreement at Gresham Ford Quick Lane. Title and registration fees are included and since this is a gift, there are no taxes to be paid by the recipient.

The Focus will be presented on President’s Day, Monday, February 16th, 2015, 9am at Gresham Ford. While we would love to honor the recipient in person at that time, it is not required that they be present at the presentation ceremony. For more information contact Amy Williamson at Gresham Ford 503-665-0101.

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