New clinics opening is just the start of Legacys move to bring services closer to patients

by: OUTLOOK PHOTO - Dr. Jon Hobson talks with medical assistant Jamie Austinson.

Getting acquainted with a doctor in your own backyard just became a little easier, with the expansion of adult primary care services on the campus of Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center.

Legacy Medical Group — Gresham began seeing patients the last week of August. It’s the second facility for adult primary care adjacent to the hospital and will augment the access to health care services already provided by the medical group’s Mount Hood clinic. The new clinic is the first step in resurrecting an old-school practice where the family doctor was just down the street.

“We are expanding primary care in the metro area to meet the demands generated by the newly insured patients in 2014,” said Barbara Dunn, clinic manager for the medical group. “Opening new clinics closer to where people live provides them with greater access to health care.”

With more of the public expected to be insured beginning next year, Legacy is answering the call for increased primary care services, particularly in the East County area. Patients will have access to annual wellness evaluations, routine health screenings, including gynecology services and specialist referrals.

But the expansion is also a two-fold effort by Legacy to better integrate people into the health care system. When clinics are embedded in neighborhoods, Dunn said, folks are more likely to seek preventative care and reduce their health risks.

Additionally, Legacy is taking a more holistic approach to patient care by using a team of professionals who can assist patients in managing their health care issues.

The clinic’s health team operates as a care management support program, Dunn said. A panel coordinator makes sure patients are scheduling the tests necessary to manage chronic conditions like diabetes or their annual breast cancer screenings. The team also helps to identify the “barriers” to health care some folks face, like the inability to pay for medication, transportation to the doctor’s office or even a housing issue.

“It’s all about giving patients good care and helping them find resources so they don’t neglect their health care,” Dunn explained. “We are coordinating care for the patient, but we’re focusing on preventative care more than ever before. The goal of primary care is to keep people out of the emergency department or hospital. If we can see them in primary care in the early stage of disease, it’s much more cost effective and much more satisfying to the patient.”

Legacy Medical Group’s Gresham clinic is staffed by internal medicine physicians, Drs. Robert Bailey and Jon Hobson, both previously with the Providence Health System. Bailey is an advocate of health screenings to help patients better understand their risk factors for disease and chronic conditions. Hobson places an emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis of disease to maintain a high quality of life. Both physicians also have a strong focus on geriatric care.

Legacy’s first off-campus clinic in Gresham will open in late September at Southeast 174th Avenue and Powell Boulevard. The medical group has had a presence in the Sandy community since 2007 with the Firwood Clinic.

Things to know

Who: Legacy Medical Group — Gresham

Where: 24900 S.E. Stark St., Medical Building 1, Suite 109

What: Adult primary care services including annual wellness evaluations, health screenings, women’s health screenings, specialist referrals, immunizations and treatment for chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other health-related issues.

Info: Call 503-674-1950.

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