City survey shows what residents would like to see in Fairview

According to a city-distributed survey asking residents what they'd like to see open in Fairview, a majority of respondents said they would like a specialty grocery store like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods in Fairview.

"We all hear the chant of 'We want a Trader Joe's,'" said

Keith Kudrna, chairman of the Mayor's Visioning Committee, which sent the survey to some 3,000 Fairview households and apartments.

"And I am personally behind that," he said.

A wider variety of restaurants including more upscale, ethnic and drive-through options also were desired, according to the survey, Kudrna said.

Last February, Mayor Mike Weatherby assigned his newly created Visioning Committee to explore what types of amenities Fairview residents wanted to see in their community.

Weatherby said the information will help the city decide how to invest public money in future developments, look at its available properties and show developers what the public wants.

Two-thousand “Amenity Surveys” went out with residents' utility bills and also were available on the city's website. One-thousand surveys were given to management at several rental communities in Fairview for renters to fill out.

Kudrna shared the final results at the Dec. 4 Fairview City Council meeting.

Of 242 respondents, he said 36 percent wished to have a grocery/speciality food store.

Other amenities that garnered a lot of support were a movie theater (40 percent), specialty retail (27 percent), restaurants and bars (24 percent).

In another category directed toward recreation and family-oriented amenities, Kudrna said a majority of respondents also thought Fairview could use more off-leash dog parks (34 percent), a family activity center (44 percent), mini golf (40 percent), swimming pool (32 percent), water park and bowling.

Respondents did not think that Fairview needs a skate park, Kudrna said.

The survey also found that residents are satisfied with the city's parks and walking and bike trails, he said.

“We were able to get a pretty good view of what residents are looking for their community,” Kudrna said.

The Visioning Committee volunteer members also include Francis Doo, Steve Kaufman, Nancy Murdick, Jack McGriffin, Gary Stonewall and Lynnia Woods.

To see the full survey, go to the city of Fairview website at and under Fairview News, click on the Amenity Survey Final Report.

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