Troutdale City leaders promise end to divisions at swearing-in ceremony.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Troutdale Mayor Casey Ryan addresses a crowd on Friday, Jan. 6,  at the Sam Cox Building at Glenn Otto Park. '(I want) to be there for each and every councilor and set the tone for the rest of the Council,' he said. Troutdale's citizen leaders heralded a new era of positivity during a swearing-in ceremony on Friday, Jan. 13, at the Sam Cox Building at Glenn Otto Community Park.

Mayor Casey Ryan, City Councilors Zach Hudson and Randy Lauer vowed to faithfully uphold the laws and constitution of their state, city and country as they assumed public office for the first time, and three-peat winner Councilor Glenn White also reaffirmed his commitment to Troutdale.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - City Councilor Glenn White smiles after taking the oath of office for the third time. He said he was excited to see a revised and simplified version of the city's development code, which will be presented next week. "My agenda is truly to just be a good leader, be a good team player," Ryan said at the event. "I think our city is ready for that — the citizens are definitely ready for that — we have a lot of amazing things looking forward."

Councilor Rich Allen said he was ready to flip the page.

"Basically, you've (now) got a different mixture of personalities. As we get along really well, I don't see that not continuing," he said. "We've got a council that I believe is going to make good decisions and the entire city is going to be the better for it."

At the oath-taking event, the speaking skills of Interim City Manager Raymond Young were on full display.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - City Councilor Randy Lauer said he's excited to hit the ground running. "A new year always brings a renewed sense of hope for things to be different. But too often, that gives way to the momentum of past habits," he said. "Hope can only take you so far, (but) real, lasting change takes determination to see it through."

"I sense in this Council and with this mayor (the desire) to be really different," he added, "and to rise above past conflicts, or impressions of conflict."

Young, a former administrator at Gresham's East Hill Church who occasionally assumes the pulpit there, said it's unimportant that some people blame the media for spreading stories of political division. Instead, he said the new council and mayor are committed to a new era of teamwork, respect and cooperation.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - City Councilor Zach Hudson was officially seated on the Troutdale City Council on Friday. But Dave Ripma, a city councilor who was not up for re-election this year, said new disagreements were bound to crop up.

"I think it's likely (that) we're going to have disparate opinions coming up, so don't worry about it," he joked.

Councilor Hudson said he was excited to hear a new recommendation from the Citizens Advisory Council, which is expected to suggest increasing public comment periods.

"People need to feel heard," he said. "That's valuable not only for people sharing their voice, but our citizens have good ideas too. We need to listen to them." OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Mayor Casey Ryan greets fellow City Councilor Rich Allen.

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