Debate centers on how to best regulate marijuana businesses in Gresham.

FILE PHOTO - Gresham Mayor Shane BemisBusinesses that sell marijuana in Gresham can stay open later and operate on Sundays now that the Gresham City Council has approved amendments to its city code.

The council approved the changes during its meeting Tuesday evening, Feb. 7, clarifying and updating the code for "better service delivery" while repealing ordinances that had become obsolete.

It took council three motions to approve the amendments, with the hang up occurring on a pair of changes to ordinances related to marijuana regulation.

The first change dealt with standards of operation for marijuana businesses. The businesses can now stay open until 10 p.m. and operate on Sundays as well. The other revision clarifies where marijuana businesses can be located.

Council passed all the changes, including the revisions related to marijuana, with a vote of 6-1. Councilor Jerry Hinton was the dissenting vote.

"In the implementation of all things marijuana, we are going to have to be looking at this more than just once every bazillion years in terms of code," Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis said during the meeting.

Some changes will go before the Legislature, and council agreed to revisit the code after those decisions are made.

The city attorney's office identified several other amendments to the Gresham Revised Code that were approved by council. They include:

• Allowing the city attorney to initiate legal actions on behalf of the city.

• Updates park, trail and open space prohibitions to include no feeding of any wild bird or animal.

• Removes a provision that a street or sidewalk vendor can have no more than three locations.

• Updates chicken and bee codes to require feed to be stored in sealed containers that can't be penetrated by rodents or other animals.

• Updates the vehicle impound code to clarify a vehicle may be towed without prior notice when it is unlawfully parked in a public parking lot.

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