Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K9 officer Grimm injured during incident on Tuesday, July 4.

POLICE PHOTO - Mario Reyes-Orozco, 35A Damascus man was arrested Tuesday, July 4, after threatening his family with an axe and barricading himself inside a home in the 18000 block of Southeast Sunnyside Road.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office responded to reports of a domestic disturbance around 12:15 p.m. after a woman said her brother, Mario Reyes-Orozco, 35, was on drugs and trying to attack his family members with the axe.

Upon arriving, deputies got the family out of the residence and then attempted to speak with Reyes-Orozco, but he had locked all the doors and barricaded himself in the home.

According to police, Reyes-Orozco had armed himself with multiple weapons, including the axe and a fireplace poker. Clackamas County SWAT Team and Hostage Negotiations Team were called out to assist with taking Reyes-Orozco into custody.

After additional attempts at contact were ignored, the SWAT team forcefully entered the home with Clackamas County Sheriff's Office K9 officer Grimm. Grimm found and engaged Reyes-Orozco who was still refusing to surrender. Reyes-Orozco repeatedly hit Grimm with a pipe, police said, until SWAT members arrested him.

POLICE PHOTO - K9 GrimmReyes-Orozco was transported to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment of a dog bite he received during his altercation with Grimm. He is being held at Clackamas County Jail and is facing alleged charges of menacing, unlawful use of a weapon and interfering with a law enforcement animal.

Grimm has some swelling from being hit with the pipe and was checked for further injuries. Because he was wearing body armor at the time, he was protected from more severe injuries.

His handler, Deputy Erik McGlothin, said Grimm took the day off Wednesday, July 5, and enjoyed a hike and swim in a local stream.

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