More than 1,500 residents added in past year, Portland State University reports.

FILE PHOTO - The bustling city of Gresham is adding new residents every day, and their children attend local schools featured in this parade photo from 2016.Gresham gained more than 1,500 new souls in the past year — a total topped by only two other cities in Oregon.

That means Gresham, a sleepy farm town of 4,000 in the 1960s, is now a metropolis of 110,000 residents.

An estimated 1,670 new people can now proudly call themselves Greshamites as of July 1, according to preliminary data produced by Portland State University.

The number of residents in Gresham is pegged at 109,820.

Gresham's growth rate chugged along at a healthy 1.5 percent, just a few decimal points behind Portland, which added 11,700 residents with a 1.9 percent change rate. Besides Portland, only Bend added more citizens, rolling out the welcome mat to 3,200 new people.

The data for 2017 shows Gresham actually outpaced Hillsboro during the last 12 months, though most experts expect Hillsboro to replace Gresham as Oregon's fourth largest city by the end of the decade.

South Hillsboro development will likely add 20,000 community members, for instance.

Statewide, Oregon's populace surged by approximately 64,750 between 2016 and 2017, PSU reports.

"Due to an aging population and declining birth rates, natural increase (from births) now contributes less to Oregon's population growth than at any time since the 1930s," wrote PSU researcher Charles Rynerson.

"The number of people moving to Oregon exceeded the number moving out by more than 50,000 for the second consecutive year," he continued.

Here's the breakdown of the PSU data for the rest of East Multnomah County:

• Troutdale added 35 residents in the past year, bumping the population to about 16,070, with a growth rate of 0.2 percent. It's possible many live in the shining new townhomes dubbed the Discovery Block located off the Historic Columbia River Highway.

• Wood Village added just five new residents in 2017, pushing the city's population to 3,920. The growth rate was posted at 0.1 percent. But a 44-home subdivision called Riverwood Estates is planned for the city.

• Fairview also added 35 residents, putting the total population count at 8,975 and the growth rate at 0.4 percent. The Northbrook Village development is expected to add 180 units on Halsey Street someday, while another 49-apartment building is underway on 205th Avenue.

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