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Loved Riley Stevenson’s article, “Refugee families find sanctuary in Rockwood,” (The Outlook, Sept. 6).

If you want to hear about more good things going on in the Rockwood neighborhood, watch Community Hotline at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 11, on channel 21 (or 321 in HD) to hear Gresham City Councilor Mario Palmero talk about changes in Rockwood followed by an interview with the Rockwood Boys and Girls Club.

Monica Weitzel


Loss of USS Ranger is heartbreaking

It’s a sad day for those who had hoped to preserve the USS Ranger.

My father, who lost his life to pancreatic cancer in 2009, served on the Ranger in 1963-64. Because of life’s circumstances, I did not get to spend a lot of time with him, except at the end of his life.

I followed he Fairview Ranger project with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when perhaps I could volunteer aboard this vessel, and perhaps set foot where my father had once stood.

Now it seems that opportunity is forever lost. Too bad the Navy can’t arrange a farewell tour of the ship for veterans who served on her, and their surviving family members. It could help bring closure for many.

Gina Franklin

Oregon City

Sidewalk tiff arrives in Fairview

Do you want the city of Fairview to spend $50,000 a year of taxpayer money repairing sidewalks in the city? After an aggressive campaign from the local business groups to get the city to pay for their sidewalk and street tree repair, the City Council (many of whom are associated with the same business group) has decided to break from the old policy that sidewalk repair was the responsibility of the homeowner and want to create a new city grant policy to pay for the repairs with taxpayer money.

Years ago the estimated repair cost of fixing all the sidewalks citywide was $500,000. With only $50,000 budget and a first come, first serve requirement. Some residents will be left holding the bag while others cash in.

The drawback to such a policy is that several places in Fairview have been waiting for sidewalks for years, but will continue to wait while their tax dollars are used to repair sidewalks of those who already have them.

The city of Fairview will have a public meeting regarding this new policy at the Sept. 18 meeting. Come and support or oppose the new policy. Let them know what the community thinks about this new fiscal policy.

Brian Cooper


U.S. should not strike Syria

U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war is a terrible idea for innumerable reasons and will only seek to hurt the outlook of the United States standing around the world.

First, we have little to no support from our allies.

Second, we are not sure what will happen if we do act and shoot a ceremonial “shot across the bow” without a specific strategy or plan in place. The United States should not act when we can’t say for certain who was behind the chemical attack on the innocent people of Syria.

The president should not act just to save face because of the words he used with his “Red Line” speech in August 2012. I hope members of Congress seek to seriously examine the ramifications of any actions when there is no good outcome that can be seen for the United States.

Kevin Moss

Contract Publishing

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