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I am angry. I have two little girls attending Corbett School. I voted "yes" and I am more than willing to pay $50 per month for them to have a safe, new, state-of-the-art school. I am writing because I am fed up. I was on the Facilities Use Committee and attended those meetings. I have attended the school board meetings, the Multnomah County meetings and the meeting at the Grange.

I am amazed at the misinformation and untruths being put out there by people who are against the bond.

As these untruths have been spoken, I have kept quiet. I did not want to add fuel to their fire. At 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31, a dark blue van pulled up by the "Yes" sign posted at my home.

The side door slid open and a teenage boy jumped out of the van. Clearly they did not see me standing in my driveway. Unfortunately my dogs barked, they saw me, and I saw them.

I pointed at the woman driving the van and ran toward them, the boy jumped back in the van and they took off.

Enough is Enough. It's one thing to state falsities, it is another to steal or vandalize someone's private property. These signs were expensive, and every sign was hand painted.

They have been stolen, and they have been destroyed. It is my constitutional right to voice my opinion, free speech is the basis of our country. What happened to teaching our children honesty, integrity and fighting a fair fight?

Marnie Freeman, Corbett

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