for Feb. 21, 2014

Energy Center poses too much risk

First off, I wish to express my appreciation to The Outlook for keeping the Troutdale Energy Center project front and center. The Oregonian has been pretty much ignoring the story.

TEC claims that SCR technology will result in “small amounts of CO2” emissions, a major greenhouse gas.

Their approved quantity is equivalent to the emissions from approximately 500,000 cars annually, and they are proposing cash offsets for the amount by which they expect to exceed the allowable limits.

The site plan also includes a 2.2 million gallon above ground diesel fuel storage tank as a back-up fuel source.

That diesel exhaust will be in the air we all breathe, not just those sitting at a stoplight next to a diesel pickup.

Local voters should also be aware that the Troutdale City Council awarded TEC an additional two years property tax exemption beyond the standard three years for the enterprise zone on the basis of TEC arguing that they needed the expanded tax break for their bid to PGE to be competitive.

Now TEC intends to proceed without a buyer for the power in place, having lost in the PGE bidding process.

Without a buyer, and no demonstrated demand, the plant would only fire intermittently.

Paul Wilcox, Troutdale

Property owners already overburdened, vote no on levy

Do not people living in rental homes or apartments benefit from police, fire and parks? Yes, we all share these services. Then why is it that only property owners will have to pay for these services.

Do those in power ever think of us who live on a small fixed income? This new levy would cost me $281 a year compared to the $90 I am now paying. There must be other ways to increase the city income. Please don’t put everything on the backs of property owners. Let everyone share the cost of running the city. Please vote “no” on this tax issue, which will be on the May ballot.

Imelda Broyles, Gresham

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