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Adults behaving badly harms students

Randy Trani, the district superintendent, and Bob Dunton, the charter administrator, have been arguing whether or not the Corbett School District should allow the charter to stay.

They have decided to let the charter “stay” as a single classroom entity in the elementary school. Instead of giving us one more year for the charter to find a new location in the district boundaries, the district has crippled my school of 400 kids, forcing it to reduce the school to 75 kids, as a demonstration of control.

This has caused my family a lot of heartache and pain. My sisters and my mom have been in tears over the drama that has unfolded.

My family has a choice go to a crippled charter, without band, choir and no cafeteria access. Or go to the district school, which has taken my education and thrown it away for more money.

Whatever choice my family makes, we leave some friends behind. In the end, it feels like this is all about how two grownups can’t decide how to use money or play nice.

Jacob Petersen, eighth grade, Corbett Charter School, Fairview

No more blank checks for Corbett schools

We are facing a second attempt at a bond for our schools. Unfortunately, nothing has changed except the dollar amount.

The plan is still just as vague and governing agencies have not been contacted.

We don’t know much other than the new building will be almost twice the size as what we have. We don’t know where it will go. We don’t know if the old one will remain as well. We don’t know what other property may be purchased or how traffic concerns will be addressed.

We won’t be involved with the design or what the future of Corbett will look like.

All of these things and more will be decided by a handful of people after they have our money.

We don’t know what the Gorge Commission will or will not allow us to do. This should have been done a year ago. We don’t even know what the county may or may not allow.

They have not had an independent traffic study done. Will we need a turn lane or other costly modifications? If so, how will they be funded if not in the bond?

They have not performed a population growth study to assess our future needs. All of these things are normal practice by other districts before going for a bond, especially when determining building size. Why not in Corbett?

In essence, once again we are being asked to give our school district a blank check with nothing more than a dollar amount filled in and no idea what we may end up with.

I urge you to vote no. The district needs to provide a better plan and have the input of the relative governing agencies. No blank checks.

Kit Dixon, Corbett

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