What's Inside: Give the women in your life a break, put yourself in their jeans

FILE PHOTO - A man places a dot where he lives at a Metro-hosted trail open house.

Metro leaves a mess behind on existing trails in the area

I was unable to attend the Troutdale 40-mile loop meeting last Wednesday, but I read in Friday's paper the oppositional response to its development. I, too, am opposed to another trail.

I have lived in East Multnomah County my entire life and am an avid cyclist. The Historic Columbia River Highway has always been my training ground for more than 35 years of organized rides. I still like to ride the bike path paralleling Marine Drive to Troutdale, but it is thwarted with huge cracks in the asphalt, overgrown grass, weeds and trash.

Tree roots have created very hazardous conditions and compromised the safety of all cyclists.

And, we've seen the adverse condition of the Springwater Corridor, on which I no longer feel safe to ride.

Step up, Metro! Before you develop additional trails, paths and parks, how about cleaning up and maintaining those already in place.

That seems to be your process for all project improvements ... spend money to build and beautify, but not for upkeep and ongoing maintenance.

That's my two cents worth.

Joy Beldin

Wilkes Neighborhood

Give the women in your life a break, put yourself in their jeans

What could we do with $10.51 billion?

End world hunger? End homelessness? Find the cure for cancer and other major uncured diseases?


But do you want to know what we did do with $10.51 billion in 2016? We bought purses.

Purses and handbags and satchels galore. Worldwide we spent $10.51 billion on handbags. Do you want to know why?

Because our pockets are only big enough to hold a Tic Tac. Have you ever tried on a pair of women's jeans, then put your hands in the "pockets?" It's like trying to fit a watermelon into a USB port.

And then sometimes they make these tinier pockets inside of the already tiny pocket. For what, God only knows.

And don't get me started on pants with fake pockets.

Why even go through the trouble of stitching that extra line only to make all women in the world cry because now we have to spend $10 billion on a purse.

If you don't believe in the severity of inequality, explain to me why men's jeans pockets can hold a whole cast and crew of "Friends," but why my pocket can barely even hold a skittle.

So next time you talk back to your mom, snap at your sister or get in a fight with your grandma, remember to try to imagine life in her jeans.

Claire Hocking


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