What's Inside: SnowCap dinner and auction event a smashing success, Jaywalkers own some of responsibility for collisions

OPB PHOTO - Roman Zaragoza-Sanchez is shown here with two of his children.I just read your article about the arrest of Roman Zaragoza-Sanchez ("Sandy man faces deportation after roadside arrest by ICE," March 20). Based on the information in the article, the arrested man has been in the U.S. some 15 years.

Why, in 15 years, has he not taken the steps to become a legal immigrant? It's not that he hasn't had time.

What is the difference between living in the U.S. illegally for 15 years and driving in the U.S. for 15 years without bothering to get a drivers license? Both are illegal and both can be corrected without jail time or being arrested.

I realize that not all situations are the same, however it's too bad that we have so many willing to wring hands, wail and moan, and curse our government over people and situations that should have been, and could have been, corrected years ago.

Steve Jones


SnowCap dinner and auction event a smashing success

One usually thinks when turning 50, its all over with but not in the case of

SnowCap, which by the way, celebrated its special anniversary this past Saturday night with its annual dinner and auction at the Airport Holiday Inn.

It's their biggest fundraiser of the year and the one that helps to keep its doors open to those less fortunate, and doing a smashing job at that.

It was elegant beyond anyone's imagination with many fascinating items to bid on, in both the silent and oral events.

It is so amazing to see people coming out for such a great cause and still having such fun at the same time.

Another sold out evening with an ending to blow everyone away because the final tally came to $147,000 raised.

Whoever said people don't care, don't know this group very well.

For those of you who didn't get your tickets in time, think ahead to next year because it will be on a Saturday again, but on St. Patrick's Day, March 17.

Alyson Huntting


Jaywalkers own some of responsibility for collisions

My condolences go out to the families of those who have lost their lives on Division Street. But I feel that the "state of emergency" created on Division is only punishing one aspect of the problem. The city has spent thousands of dollars to create safe crosswalks all along Division, yet jaywalking still occurs on a daily basis.

Along with holding drivers responsible, we need to hold those who choose not to use crosswalks accountable.

I've had a number of close calls on dark mornings driving to work in the rain when someone dressed in all black chooses to illegally cross Division. By holding pedestrians and drivers accountable we can properly fix the problem.

I challenge the city of Portland to impose a $500 fine to any pedestrian caught not using a designated crosswalk during the 120 day state of emergency speed limit reduction.

By having a stiff penalty for those that choose to cross the road illegally we can properly fix the problem.

Cory Price


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