Wood vs.plastic: The Troutdale City Council will wait to see how expert builders want to handle the redesign of Imagination Station.

It seems more than a little weird for a city government to throw up it hands and let builders make decisions that local leaders were unable — or unwilling — to make themselves.

But that's what's happening in Troutdale, where the City Council and city staff have concluded "We don't know what we want" when it comes to rebuilding the Imagination Station play structure, which was torched by arsonists a year ago.

At the center of the in-action is the conversation on what material should be used for reconstruction — wood or plastic. There's a good argument to be made for plastic, which has a longer lifespan, costs less, doesn't cause splinters and is easily repaired when damaged by vandals.

But on the other hand, there's that pesky little problem of what city residents want. While admittedly an unscientific conclusion, Troutdale residents who have been outspoken in person and on social media favor replacement of the damaged structure with another wooden structure.

We wish the City Council would have been just a little more courageous on this topic, by either endorsing the wishes of its own parks committee (which endorsed a plastic play structure) or by siding with the wishes of the community-at-large.

But it's too late now.

So before the design proposals are returned to the city, we strongly encourage Troutdale residents to let their wishes be known on the rebuild of Imagination Station, because at this point, you appear to be the only people in town who know what you want.

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