These are ideas that have good intentions and good sound-bite emotion.

FILE PHOTO - The Oregon Capitol Building.We instantly think of the southern U.S. border when we hear to the words "building a wall," but what's happening in Salem is nothing short of the same thing.

Again this session, the Oregon Legislature — controlled by one party — is building a wall separating employees from employers.

The 2017 legislative session is full of mandates that, if passed, will build taller and wider walls.

One prime example is the "predictive scheduling" bill (Senate Bill 828). This overly burdensome piece of legislation pretends to ensure employees a guaranteed schedule.

However, the wall is being built on situations like this: An employee needs Friday off to take her young daughter to a doctor. Before predictive scheduling, the employer gladly finds someone to take her place but it requires switching a schedule with another employee who agrees. Under SB 828, because two schedules were changed, an additional four hours of pay is now due to the employee for the switch.

Paying twice for only one person is not affordable or fair. The employer has little choice but to turn down the request of the mom. The mandated paperwork alone is onerous.

Fair? Absolutely not! Brick by brick the legislators in power are building a wall separating employee and employer.

First, there were mandated increases in minimum wage. Then family paid leave. Now predictive scheduling. Then … then … then … These are ideas that have good intentions and good sound-bite emotion, but are bricks in the walls built between good employers and good employees. Sad.

Michael Patrick


Contract Publishing

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