Local McDonald's demos building to make way for new structure

by: OUTLOOK PHOTO: JIM CLARK - Estacada-based JRD Excavation tore down the McDonalds restaurant at 1567 N.E. Burnside Road last month to prepare for construction of a new building. The restaurant is scheduled to reopen by mid-August and will feature a new brick exterior, side-by-side drive-thru windows and a PlayPlace.

Regular customers at one of Gresham’s McDonald’s restaurants are probably hatin’ the loss of their favorite fast food stop.

But come mid-August, they’ll be lovin’ it once more.

The golden arches on Northeast Burnside Road disappeared seemingly overnight a couple weeks ago, leaving behind nothing but a huge pile of rubble and debris. What will emerge in a little over three months will be an updated exterior and amenities designed for customer comfort and convenience.

Brian Mattson, construction manager for franchise owner Jessika Hernandez, said McDonald’s typically rebuilds its stores when they reach the 25-30-year mark in age. Hernandez’ store on Burnside most likely was at least that old, given it had a basement once used for storage of supplies and cold foods. Newer, more efficient storage measures have made the need for basements obsolete.

“The base has, indeed, been filled in,” Mattson said. “The new building will be brick, and it will have a side-by-side drive-through. And it will include a new playplace.”

Hernandez, who also owns a store on Northeast 181st Avenue near Interstate 84, has shuffled her 67 employees to other locations for the duration of the rebuild.

“I kept my key people at my other store, and some of my other crew are working at Cherry Park (in Troutdale) and with another local owner/operator in the Portland area,” she said. “We moved our crew around to keep them working while we do the remodel.”

Estacada-based JRD Excavation headed up the building’s demolition. A company spokesperson said most of the scrap materials were being recycled, including the steel framing and wood.

A grand reopening is planned for sometime in September.

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