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Barlow's 3-on-3 basketball fundraiser event fills the courts with more than 200 players

OUTLOOK PHOTO: DAVID BALL - Robert Asa sports a Ballin 4 Bobby T-shirt while peeking in on the 3-on-3 basketball fundraiser for his son Thursday.A couple was walking their dog through the Barlow High parking lot last Thursday night when one commented to the other 'Wow, there must be something big going on tonight.'

In fact, the Ballin' 4 Bobby event was so big it was spilling outside into the common areas of the school.

"What a great response — it's going to be difficult to get everyone playing — we're going to be here late tonight," Barlow girls coach Ron LaFord said.

The event was a 3-on-3 basketball tournament — a fundraiser for Barlow High student Bobby Asa who is recovering from injuries suffered in a car crash earlier this month.

The family has been encouraged with what they've seen in the recovery process so far with Bobby beginning to be able to communicate with various signals — a favorite being when he showed a 'hang loose' sign referencing family trips to Hawaii.

"When friends and family come around you start to see his personality coming back," his father Robert smiled. "

Bobby plays tight end and linebacker for the Barlow High football team and throws the javelin during the track and field season. In between, he joins his dad for rec games in the Portland Basketball League.

"If Bobby was here, he'd be playing in this tournament — that's who he is, and it's amazing that the teachers and coaches here were able to recognize that," Robert said.

The tournament attracted 238 players, and a batch of 70 donated Ballin 4 Bobby T-shirts sold out in a flash.

"I've always felt that a gym is something that should be used and what better opportunity than this," Johnson said. "It says a lot about our community and the kind of support that is here. I'm overwhelmed by it — I wish we had three or four gyms."

Look for expanded coverage ahead in our Tuesday, July 25, print edition.

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