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An awakening to transformational healing

Brought to you by Linda Baker of RoseSprings Center in Hillsboro, HOLISTIC HEALING INSIDER


Are you in the midst of pain and crisis, wondering what life is all about or what your purpose in being on Earth is? 

It was January 2013, when Awakening Counselor Veronique Nelson ~ who had moved to the United States from France after getting married ~ found herself divorced and alone, with no family or friends to offer help or guidance.

She heard about a meeting group of supportive and nurturing women being offered at RoseSprings Center, and, feeling almost hopeless, Veronique went for the first time.

“I walked through the door and people picked up on how low I was,” Veronique recalled. “It was exactly what it was advertised as ~ it was a group of women taking time to support each other. I didn’t have that in my life, and it was just what I needed. I didn’t know there were actually places that were spiritual like this.”

RoseSprings Center offers a free care consultation, and Veronique, who advocates for alternative holistic healing, including energy healing such as Reiki and Pranic Healing, encourages people to take advantage of the opportunity for transformational healing, both physical and spiritual.

“Anyone who walks through our door will be directed toward what’s best for them,” she said. “And I know they will leave with something positive.”

To schedule an appointment with a Care Coordinator or any of the holistic care practitioners at RoseSprings Center, call (503) 693-9101.


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