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by: HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO BY CHASE ALLGOOD  - The hospital's main lobby displays some of the creative design elements the building's architects employed. The hanging structure is not a plant, but a sculpture made of steel and kiln-formed glass by Sue Grauten of Portland. 
Construction of the new Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center facility — located at 2875 N.W. Stucki Ave. in Hillsboro — is nearly complete. The ultra-modern hospital is scheduled to open on Aug. 6, and in advance of that date the owners, like proud parents, have been taking community members on guided tours to show off some of the building’s attractions.

by: HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO BY DOUG BURKHARDT - Colorful murals in the usually drab and unappealing stairwells are designed to encourage people to use the stairs, saving energy and helping people get a bit more exercise. This image of two kayakers was created by Lance Koudele of Hood River.  

The facility will boast cutting-edge health care technology; innovative, energy-efficient equipment and structures; and even a first-class restaurant. But don't underestimate the impact of the artwork. Because studies have shown that an aesthetically pleasing environment helps with the healing process, the hospital contracted with 84 local artists to provide a variety of artwork throughout the facility.

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