The best way to learn is by doing.

Thanks to partnerships between local businesses, schools and the Greater Hillsboro Area Chamber of Commerce’s School to Work program, local students are getting a sample of the working world — and what might become a career down the road. by: HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: KATHY FULLER - Century High School senior Emma Lane landed an internship at Satis&fy, a global events planning company in Hillsboro, through the chamber of commerces School to Work program.

Emma Lane, a senior at Century High School, was the first intern at Satis&fy, a global events planning company with an office in Hillsboro. For her high school career exploration, Lane wanted to learn more about warehouse management.

With the help of School to Work, she was able to complete a 15-hour internship in Satis&fy’s warehouse, giving her experience with the real expectations and pressures of working at an events planning company, while completing her high school career coursework requirement.

The School to Work program connects with businesses around the metropolitan area to set up job shadows and internships for high school students. Companies want well-trained workers, so are eager to offer students a glimpse of career options.

Satis&fy is a growing international company headquartered in Karben, Germany. The company has had an office in Hillsboro for just over a year. Officials at the “PDX branch” — as it’s referred to — are working with the chamber to develop an internship program.

Lane is organized and thorough — a self-starter, said Gayle Ritt, who works with the intern program at Satis&fy.

Warehouse work is not new to Lane. She works at Davis Tool Inc., an aerospace contractor based in Hillsboro. Her father works at Davis Tool as well. Lane ‘s co-workers at Davis encouraged her to look into warehouse management.

Satis&fy and School to Work had just set up a partnership and Lane was the first intern the company hosted. A second intern is working there now.

A typical day at Lane’s internship included tracking inventory and pulling and receiving gear and peripherals for shows the company was putting together. During the time she was there, Lane helped coordinate and prepare for a show Satis&fy had to get to New York City in a rush, Ritt said.

“I can figure out the way things can be done quickly and thoroughly,” Emma said. “It’s how I am — I like to figure things out.”

Satis&fy warehouse manager Ryan Schow oversaw Lane’s internship experience. “We really enjoyed having her here and appreciated her attention to detail,” he said. With 25 years in the events industry, Schow said he’s happy to mentor future professionals. “My contribution is to humbly mentor and enable these young individuals to keep their passion for learning.”

“The work environment is very self-sufficient,” Lane recalled. “Not a lot of micromanaging happens and I loved that about it. They gave me instructions and I was expected to follow through.”

After graduating, Lane plans to work all summer and possibly go to Portland Community College in the fall.

“I learned a lot about their warehouse and how they run their shop,” she said. “They have to stay very organized because of how many different tools they have.”

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