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The city of Cornelius recently settled with Hillsboro Police officer Kari Christensen after she claimed Cornelius lieutenant Joe Noffsinger caused her distress in a series of incidents.

In July last year, the city of Cornelius received a tort claim notice from Thenell Law Group that Christensen intended to file for damages against Noffsinger, including intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, unlawful seizure of a person and stalking.

The city settled with Christensen for $15,500 last month. The settlement was not an admission of liability and included a “covenant not to sue.”

In the tort filed last year, Christensen claimed Noffsinger forced her to pull over for a traffic violation with neither “probable cause nor reasonable suspicion” in May 2012. Noffsinger reportedly caused her “severe emotional distress” at the incident “by getting in her face, and shouting.”

Christensen also claimed Noffsinger followed her while she was driving home on Blooming Fern Hill Road about a month later.

Christensen claimed there were several incidents in which Noffsinger followed her.

In March 2013, Noffsinger reportedly contacted the Hillsboro Police Department to file a complaint against Christensen, alleging Christensen “was a liar,” according to the tort claim, but after an investigation that complaint was “determined to be unfounded and she was exonerated.”

Christensen’s and Noffsinger’s accounts of the incident differ.

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