Police held a 'last call' ceremony after canine was diagnosed with cancer.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Odie, a Hillsboro police canine, was euthanized on Thursday after he was diagnosed with cancer.Hillsboro Police held a special ceremony on Thursday evening after one of its canine officers was euthanized.

"Odie" a German shepherd member of Hillsboro's K-9 team, was put down on March 9 after the dog was diagnozed with cancer.

Odie has served with the police department for nine years.

According to the Hillsboro Police Department, officers held a "last call" ceremony in Odie's honor.

In 2014, Odie became the city's first K-9 certified to in both human tracking and sniffing out illicit drugs.

Hillsboro has four other canines on active duty, Mav, Ronin, Jett and Casper, as well as a drug dog in training.

Hillsboro Police said that officers were planning a memorial for the Odie, but details have not yet been released.

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